At the time of writing  the  state of our waterways is uppermost in the minds of most marina residents. The absence of the weed harvester combined with the low water level has resulted in large  areas of weed and litter that are unsightly and has  made many  areas of the vlei and waterways unnavigable.

Both Cassie Sheasby of the Nature reserve and Marina association are experiencing  a sense of  total frustration at not being able to do anything more  about the situation. Residents who live on the blind waterways  are  experiencing particularly unpleasant conditions, and we have recently called in the health inspector to look at the state of the water in the worst areas. We will continue to keep residents updated, and hope that the upgrading and repairs of the weed harvester can be completed as quickly as possible.

In other areas progress has been made – the roads department have started work on a long list of improvements in the Marina .Some broken pavements have been retarred – the pavement on Eastlake drive through to Cannon Island is to be put out to tender and will therefore take longer to be redone -  and road markings are being repainted. New traffic signs and some street names have been ordered, and there is now a wheelchair friendly route from Park island to the Marina Centre

In recent months Excom has had presentations on the proposed Special Rating Area( SRA)  both from Bob Craske, who with Paul van Heesch head the steering committee; and from Eddie Scott, head of the SRA unit in the Council.

It seems that the plan at present is to only include the Uitsig peninsula and  Park Island in the application for an SRA  and they believe that they have the necessary support of the residents  to  take the steps required for  the application to council.

Excom  would like to express their support for the SRA initiative and  wish them well.

Toni Joubert, Chair.

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