CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - December 2010

The A.G.M. is behind us, the Christmas season is approaching at an ever accelerating pace, and in the Marina there is much to be done before we can sit back and enjoy the Festive season.

Plans are being finalized to paint the boundary wall along Prince Georges Drive, and at the same time to clear soil and weeds between the wall and the pavement preparatory to laying stone chips in the gap. We would like to finish this before Christmas if possible.

A new Excom member, Scott Aspden, has joined Dominic Young in managing the standards portfolio. This is an area that causes great concern to many residents of the Marina who feel that the failure of some homeowners to maintain their properties to a reasonable standard reduces the value of neighboring properties, and also has a detrimental effect on the whole area. The association is now taking action against some of the worst and most longstanding, offenders by taking them to arbitration; and the first group of these cases is to be heard at the beginning of December. The association is very aware that times are hard, and if there are residents who have difficulty in carrying out the necessary maintenance please contact the standards portfolio holders or the maintenance inspector to see if there is some way in which the association can help.

The painting of the perimeter wall and the arbitration process are both very necessary but will be costly; although arbitration will not be as expensive as taking those who refuse to maintain their properties to court. Our subs are very low – less than R18.00 per month - but they are the Marina’s main source of income and we need this money to be paid promptly to cover expenses. Unfortunately there is a considerable amount of money owing in unpaid subs at present, and so we have had to instruct a collection agency to collect the outstanding subs. I would like to make an appeal to residents to please pay their subs as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary collection costs and to give us the revenue that we need to maintain the Marina in a way that will benefit everyone who lives here.

On a lighter note, the days are getting longer and the weather warmer and sitting out on a calm evening watching the passing parade of ducks, geese and pedalos; canoes, and little boats of all descriptions - makes me aware all over again what a great place this is to live in, and also what a unique and diverse community of people live here.

My thanks, as always, to all those residents who help with watering and gardening at this time of the year. Their work is invaluable as the hot, dry South Easter plays havoc with our public open spaces. Thanks too to all those who are involved in organizing Christmas activities, and to the members of Excom who put in so much work behind the scenes. Last, but certainly not least, a special thank you to Marcia, our secretary, who puts in so much extra time, and manages to be calm and friendly, no matter what chaos is erupting around her.

It seems a little early to be sending out Christmas wishes – I have always objected to Christmas trees appearing in the shopping malls in November – but there will not be another Marina News this year and so, wearing both of my hats,- chair and parks and gardens,- may I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Toni Joubert, Chair.

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