Chairman's report - April 2008

Once again, Security issues dominate this issue of Marina news. You will find several aspects of the subject covered by Excom members. The recent incident, of an armed robbery and assault in Michell walk, in which one of our members was severely traumatised, only re-emphasises the importance of completing our plans to implement a comprehensive guarding and patrolling service for the whole Marina.

I am sorry to report the resignation from Excom of Hanneke de Bruijn, who as a teacher and head of year has not found it possible to devote as much time to the Marina as she would have wished. Good luck Hanneke!

We have decided to co-opt an Excom member to represent the residents of the Sectional Title developments, to fill an existing vacancy, and we now need to replace Hanneke. If anyone is interested in standing, please contact the Chairman to discuss the role you could play.

A good deal of concerned interest has followed the publication of the latest valuation roll, and we have fielded numerous queries about the wide variations in values of similar homes, and other anomalies such as a higher valuation for a town house, than for a detached property. Where the current valuation has increased by a factor of 3 or 4, the answer is likely to be that the previous historic valuation was too low! Those which were based on actual market prices, seemed to have been fairly accurate.

A member who isnít happy with the proposed valuation must make an individual objection. Anyone requiring professional advice can find a list of Estate Agents/Valuers at our office in the Eastlake Centre.

The research needed into the history of the Association, has turned up a fascinating wealth of information, from old newsletters, some of which would amply repay a second airing. We have a well-researched article on Egyptian Geese, and another on the Mallard problem which the editors might consider re-publishing.

What struck me particularly, were the recurring themes, standards, arrears of subs. (even when they were R12 pa!) unruly dogs, noisy neighbours. Life was so much simpler, when the council had a dedicated team of gardeners just for the Marina. We might even publish some nostalgic snippets from say 10 and 20 years ago?
Peter Harrison.
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