Chairman's report - April 2009

Once more thanks to all who have contributed, by searching cupboards, garages, old files, attics and forgotten places for Marina archive information; the results have been outstanding. Amongst the mini mountain received from you we have been able to add to the existing Marina Archive and to close some of the gaps in the timeline. After this last request for a final look for information we will start the process of digitising the Constitutional History, Annual General Meetings and Minutes and The Marina News Letter which will make all of this history easily available to all members.

We have been handed over a hundred photographic slides, taken by Anglo American, dating back to 1973/1974. These slides show the construction of the Marina, some of the first 16 houses and aerial shots of part of the fabled Gary Player Golf course. These have been converted to digital format and we hope to make them available on the Web site in the near future. We will also donate copies of these and other material to the National Archive to add to their existing Marina information.

An original edition of a colour supplement to the Cape Argus from 1974 shows a fascinating insight into the beginnings of the Marina – Eastlake Area – the fashions, on show in the supplement, may cause some to ask – did I really wear that and with that hair style? Thanks to Leon Lee for digitising the copy and we will, with permission of the Argus, ask in a future News Letter for people to try and name some of those shown. A well kept copy of the Environmental Planning and Management Magazine of 1990 compares various Marinas and the praise bestowed on Marina Da Gama teams by leading international architects. Minutes of Meetings from 1972 / 1973 by Muizenberg Marine Estates Limited take us through some of planning and approval procedures for Extension 1 named as Eastlake to separate it from the Westlake development, on the other side of the vlei, which although started did not continue. Area maps show Eastlake, Westlake, the Golf Course, deep water sea marina, Hotels an equestrian centre and Airport – an original development for 15,000 residents.

Please continue to add to our history, we can copy any items you wish to retain.

The original landscaping of the marina was the envy of other areas and is a source of pride for those living here; Toni Joubert, the Excom portfolio holder of Parks and Gardens, together with a group of residents and helpers work with the Council to maintain those standards. Where areas of public space have been worked on, trees trimmed etc or ground cover tidied by them the refuse is placed for removal by council. Recently there have been several incidences of people dumping / adding their own garden and building waste to that cleared from the public open spaces or just dumping it over their walls. Council is under no obligation, in these circumstances, to clear private rubbish resulting in these unsightly piles. Please do not do this and if you see anyone doing it please let the Marina Office know.

Dogs are man’s best friend but dogs continuously barking or roaming the streets are no one’s friend. It is not the fault of the dog but the owner. We are increasingly getting reports of dogs left alone and barking continuously or deliberately let out to roam and soil the streets. Some members have taken matters further and obtained court orders with the resulting fines on the owners. We are a high density living area and sound carries across the waterways, please act in a responsible and neighbourly manner and ensure that your pet is not a source of avoidable nuisance to others.

Bob Craske
Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.