Chairman's report - Feb 2010

We have finally received, from council, our Approved copy of the Marina da Gama Association Constitution. The approval was required under Section 29 of the Land Use Planning Ordinance (LUPO)(No 15 of 1985); the Marina Home Owners' Association was originally required as a condition of Subdivision under the Townships Ordinance (No 33 0f 1934). Homeowners' Associations formed prior to LUPO were deemed to be Homeowners' Associations under LUPO. Copies of LUPO and the Townships Ordinance are available on the internet. The compulsory membership of the Association applies to all properties in the Marina da Gama.

The original stamped copy of the February 2010 issue of our constitution is held at the Marina Office together with the decision letter dated 15 March 2010. Four controlled copies of the constitution, Master held at Marina Office, Copy 1 held by Council, Copy 2 held by the South African Revenue Service, Copy 3 'Legal Loan Copy' held at the Marina Office, these four copies will be subject to a controlled documented revision service. In addition a copy is posted on the Marina da Gama website www.mdga.co.za. Included in this issue of the Marina News is an A5 copy of the February 2010. Copies are also available at the Marina Office.

The four controlled copies are marked 'CONTROLLED' all other copies are marked 'UNCONTROLLED' and are not subject to controlled revision and are valid until superseded. The February 2010 issue incorporates all amendments, adopted at Annual General Meetings, up to and including the 2009 AGM of 2 February 2010.The exclusion of clause 15 was a late request from council and is being dealt with; it does not affect the validity of the approval.

It is hoped, that with the issue of the confirmed approved constitution, that this will finally close the long running saga in relation to the Association and our HOA constitution.

The completion of the approval will now allow us to issue in the near future the revised 'Welcome Pack' for new owners, which will include a copy of the constitution, and a map of the Marina which will include street and waterways names, these packs will also be made available to estate agents in the area.

At the next AGM we hope to put forward a Pie Chart of expenditure over income to make the formal accounts more user friendly.

We are inviting members of Marina organisations Sectional Title and Charities to sit in on Excom meetings to see if we can achieve greater synergy. There is a lot of energy and talent in the Marina that we can all benefit from let us know.

The response by dog owners to clean up after their pets has been noticeable we still need the co-operation of an irresponsible few to ensure that our Parks are clean and usable by all. Encouragingly some of the stark lighting has also been reduced more work needed there.

I look forward, with some trepidation, to Dr Beverley Roos Muller's next article, an earlier one dealt with a duck named 'Chicken' the last one concerned an Egyptian Goose which is apparently a duck I happen to know Beverley and Ampie are looking for a dog what on earth is it going to be? (to be able to cope with Beverley, probably a bull mastiff - Ed)
Bob Craske
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