Chairman's report - August 2009

Recent days have seen, yet again, the remarkable and positive attitudes of some of the people living in the Marina da Gama.

During the weekend of the torrential rains, when the water levels in the Vlei and canals began to rise with amazing speed, and the water was lapping on the water side grass of a number of houses, half a dozen people took matters into their own hands. Armed with spades and shovels they started to dig out the sand dam which closes the vlei to the sea. By the time a bulldozer had arrived they had achieved their goal and had completed an open channel through the dam. Demetri Qually had in parallel been arranging, via the council, for a bulldozer to come from the other side of the peninsular to clear the dam. The bulldozer finished the job. The rainfall, the largest down pour for many decades, had by this time flooded roads, parts of a local town had been cut off and rocks were strewn on roadways yet the driver of the lorry with the bulldozer managed to get through. In the days that followed reports, from the City Disaster Management team, detailed the extreme nature of the downpours and massive amount of damage that they caused throughout the peninsular. We were very lucky to get the bulldozer.

As the flood subsided debris was left everywhere and who are out clearing up - Marina residents as members of the Sand Vlei Trust out in canoes bagging and taking the rubbish away.

All of these residents, and others unseen and unheard, in their own way continue to ensure that the Marina remains, as part of the original developers concept stated, ‘A place to live and a place to play’. There are no longer the large scale resources, as available in the past, to maintain the Marina and we can all play our part in continuing to preserve the unique nature of the place we chose to live in.

A benefit from the increased level of security is that children can now again play, in this unseasonably warm weather, in the streets and cul-de-sacs. This places different responsibilities on residents – if you see a child playing in the street lookout for the others who may be about to run into the street – cones in the road may be there because children are learning to ride their bikes – be very careful whilst driving in the Marina. Children are the future; please make sure that they have one. If you have children please make sure that their games do not cause unnecessary disturbance to others – we are looking at increasing the play equipment available in the Public Open Spaces.

A review of the Design Manual has been completed and will be added to the web site in the near future. The Welcome Pack revamp is nearing completion and will be distributed on completion.

It is now 40 years since the concept of the marina was put forward and 35 years since the first houses were build we are looking at a calendar to show then and now views of the Marina. Please let the office know your views on the format and how many you may wish to purchase at approximately R25 a unit.
Bob Craske
Chairman MDGA
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