Chairman's report - December 2008

EXCOM now has 12 committee members, which enables us to have more than one person per portfolio and for members to get experience in more than one portfolio. The profiles of some of the current ExCom members are included in another section of the News Letter.

We are very pleased to retain the services of Peter Ferry, who audits our financial statements, and Ernest Harper, who as an architect, gives expert advice on checking building plans, both of whom have freely given their time over many years.

The Marina News would not be possible without the tremendous efforts of Cherry Giljam and Kim Horne, who with others, collect and collate the information which keeps us all informed of the goings on in and around the Marina. Thank you.

It was clear from the AGM that the application of the Association Standards with regard to members who do not take care of their property must be one of this year’s priorities. For those who cannot afford to comply we will attempt to use the community to assist with gardening and painting etc. Those who just refuse to make an effort should be reminded of the successful court actions taken in the past and the resultant costs incurred by the homeowner. If you cannot comply, please tell us - if you can, please do so.

Work will continue to review the Design Manual and make it available on the Web site – Help is requested from artists to reproduce the sketches and diagrams. It would be ideal if photographers within the Marina could retake the photographs, from the locations detailed in the old manual, in digital format so that we can reproduce them within in the revised manual.

We will continue to build on the work of past committees and to update the Financial and Administration procedures and other portfolios, to assist when new members join the committee and to add to the transparency of our Association.

The Association, in one form or another, has existed for approximately three decades and a wealth of information and history exists as to its conception and changes over the years. We would like to form a sub-committee, with the input and the help of everyone, to compile a comprehensive archive of the Marina history, which can be added to the Web Site and retained before it is lost forever. We have already had wonderful aerial photographs of the Marina at conception and documents going back 25 years handed to the office. If members have anything which may be used please contact us and we will collect it, copy it and return it if you wish to retain it, or archive it for the future.

The request is not restricted to ‘official’ documentation such as old minutes, AGM Notices, News Letters and other notices, but photographs and drawings going back through the years would be very welcome – photos and song sheets of the Carol Singing, Golf Tournaments, mini-regattas or that extra large fish caught in the canals. We believe that there are photographs of seals swimming near jetties – please share your prized collections. If you know of people who have left the Marina but have any such items please pass your copy of the Marina News to them to see if we can regain some of the Marina’s history. Suggestions as to the layout of the information will be most welcome – as will help in sorting it!

We would like to redo the “Welcome Pack’ for new members and produce a booklet containing road and canal maps of the Marina together with what wild life can be expected to be found in the area – suitable photographs from the archive can also be included.

The watering of the many public open spaces throughout the Marina is essential to prevent the area from becoming a dust bowl. We believe that the borehole for Uitsig will be connected soon, and work can then begin on the installation of the sprinkler system in the park.

We thank the many members who give up their time on a regular basis to drag and layout hoses and install sprinklers. Some of the sprinklers and above ground fittings require occasional maintenance and repairs; Parks and Gardens under the very able command of Toni Joubert and other overworked helpers would welcome some technical assistance on an occasional basis. The rewards are green parks!

Craft Markets are now held on regular basis and becoming a popular addition to the Marina, so please continue to visit and support them.

Father Xmas 20th December - don’t forget the extra gift.
Marina Carols by candelight on the Park 21st December - Boats and Lots of Candles please.
Craft Markets at 20th December

Kids Sports/Fun day:
It is proposed, with sufficient support, to hold a Fun Day with Sports, Games and a general fun time for the younger children of the community – parent races included. Please contact the office or Dominic Young if you have children who would like to take part and parents who can be coerced into helping and enjoying themselves.
Bob Craske
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