Chairman's report - December 2009

Excomm has regrettably had to delay the 2009 AGM until the end of January 2010; this is still within the 15 months permitted under the terms of the constitution. The delay is a result of having to wait for council to answer questions concerning the Association and the approval of our constitution in accordance with the requirement of the Land Use Planning Ordinance (1985). We have now finally received the answers and these will be promulgated as part of the motivation for a proposed amendment to the constitution. The amendment, together the SARS amendment which has also been finalised, will be issued with other proposed amendments in the formal Notice of Meeting for the Annual General Meeting. We hope all will make an effort to attend the meeting.

Father Christmas will be arriving, as usual, at the Park Island / t’Wagon bridge at 3-30pm on Saturday 19th December 2009. Please arrange for any parcels to be at the Marina Office by 1pm on Friday 18th December clearly marked with the name, including the family name, of the recipient. We would like to remind members that there are always less fortunate children in the area and ask that consideration be given to them – a present, indicating for a girl or boy and marked with a suggested age group, will bring a lot of pleasure and a smile to a small face. Gifts can be left at the Marina Office or at “The Upper Crust”.

Another Marina special, the Marina Carols, will be held at the area around the t’Wagon and Texel Close Bridge on Sunday 20 December at 7.30pm. Paul West has promised the usual plus a new rendering. This has always been a super occasion, for all ages, and we hope many will attend and enjoy the evening. Mooring, will as usual, be available for all forms of Marina craft. Remember to bring a blanket / warm clothing.

It is over 25 years since the “Edie Lamp” was introduced and first used at Marina Carols; a sketch of the “Edie Mk 2” (a sketch shown on the right). Some sand or water added to the bottom half will help stabilise the lamp. Candle light, when not enforced by Eskom, adds a real glow to this special time. Assistance with setting up and taking down the lights, mooring ropes and sound equipment is always welcome please contact Peter Joubert.

This is a time of the year to thank all of those people who, very quietly and unbidden, go out of their way, throughout the year, to make our lives and those of our neighbouring communities that little bit easier and pleasanter for all. They do not ask for or expect thanks or recognition but I am sure that everyone knows someone to whom this applies. We should all appreciate them.
Bob Craske
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