Chairman's report - December 2012

The end of the year has crept up on us again bringing with it Christmas time and normally the Association Annual General Meeting, as a result of a yet again a non-responsive City Council, we have delayed the AGM until the New Year. The AGM is the time for proposing amendments to our constitution and we on this occasion require the City's input. We are requesting only statements, which are already contained within the constitutions of other associations, to prevent us from having to take expensive legal redress in certain cases. The Council has, in the past, despite reminders, failed to respond for up to two years.

To fund the Association we, like all other similar organisations, rely on mandatory subscriptions from our members, therefore following the sending of accounts and a reminder statement we have passed, from the end of October 2012, all outstanding subscriptions to a collector to act on our behalf. Court action will be taken where required, please check the office to see if your subscription is paid up to date for this year; those that have not paid will not be able to vote at the AGM.

The Public Open Spaces, the parks and open areas and the waterways, are owned and managed by the local authority, the Marina residents have for years contributed, in various ways to the maintenance of these areas but we have no official say in the management of them. They are public spaces for the use of all and we would ask that those that use them have consideration for those that live next to the areas are not inconvenienced by those that make use of them.

The maintenance of the park areas have, for years, since the times that 16 permanent council staff looked after the areas, been very ably supplemented by Marina residents giving their time, labour and skill to help keep the Marina to a much better standard than similar areas. We urgently need more help in these areas please contact the office and offer your assistance.

With regard to the waterways and the disastrous events of last year, the massive fish deaths and the waterways clogged with rotting weed, we now face a very serious possibility that the sago pond weed, vital to the well being of the waterways may be very slow in recovering. Marina residents are attempting to work with the department concerned to ensure that the weed is harvested in a controlled managed process and not torn out by the roots as it was last year. We are looking for assistance in the tracking, by GPS, of the weed harvester to ensure that it is operated efficiently – please contact the office if you can help.

Members of Exco are occasionally asked to become involved in problems between neighbours; we cannot become involved in matters which are outside the remit of the constitution, disputes between neighbours are best resolved by the parties concerned and if this is not possible by dispute resolution practitioners.

We would like to thank all who give up their time, money and labour in many different ways to make the Marina a better "place to live and play" – please add to those numbers by offering your help.

Don't forget Father Christmas will be arriving and as usual you are reminded to get your voices in tune for the Marina Carols. Please bring an Edi Light or similar – reminder notices will be put up around the Marina and on the Marina Notice Board.

Lastly, this is a special time to think of and give support to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year.

Bob Craske

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