Chairman's report - Feb 2009

It is a pleasant task to start the New Year with a vote of thanks for those who made the Christmas events such a wonderful time for all of us.

Father Christmas, who despite the heat of the day brought smiles to all concerned, has asked me to enquire if the little girl who asked him where her bike was got her wish! Thanks go to Father Christmas and to all of you who contributed presents to less fortunate children – there were smiles that we did not see.

The Marina Carols were the 20th anniversary of their inception and it was good to see Rob Maclean, who was the MdGA chair at the first performance, playing at the 20th anniversary. The musical achievements of Rob, Paul West, Jessica and Jason Stanier aided by Paul’s wife Charlotte were matched by their technical abilities to assemble the sound system. Peter Gray, as he has done for many years, dealt with the lighting on the bridge. Peter Joubert co-ordinated the off scene arrangements and was a willing worker on the night. The Musikanth and Gorrie families, as they have for many years, together with Marina newcomer Adrienne Powell, provided the electrical supplies and our thanks go to them and all other willing helpers. The wonderful evening was one of the best attended for years. Next year will see the 21st Anniversary of Edie’s Light and we will provide a sketch on how to make one prior to the event.

The information on the anniversary and Edie’s Light came from information handed in to the Marina office after our request for photographs and information, albums of photographs delivered have provided a unique pictorial history of the Marina through the years. Please keep sending anything you have relating to the Marina, it can be digitized and placed on the Marina Website. With the information obtained we will all be able to look back through a time line which will include photographs, deeds, constitutions, design manuals, Meetings and Newsletters and show why the Marina da Gama really is a ‘Place to Live and a Place to Play’. Original documentation will explain the background of the Marina Logo, the name changes of the companies involved and the evolution from the Eastlake Association to the Marina da Gama Association.

A sub-committee has been formed, headed by Ampie Muller and Megan Wells, to review the Welcome Pack and information booklet; they would welcome input as to change or additions to the contents of the pack.

We would welcome further suggestions for events in the Marina - in particular a Regatta and Kids’ Fun Day - with your support a lot is possible.

Bob Craske
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