Chairman's report - Feb 2010

A lot has happened in the Marina since the last Newsletter and hopefully we can get back to the normal sequence of issues again.

Father Christmas, as usual, attracted the attention of young and old alike and once more the smiles told many a happy tale. Father Christmas has our thanks and his numerous appearances across the globe included a visit to our neighbours at Vrygrund; a huge pile of presents that were handed in to the Marina Office and to Elaine show the true spirit of the residents of the Marina who never fail to respond to requests of help. Thanks to all who so willingly contributed to the special time. For any future, worthwhile, appeals school uniforms etc if you are unable to help perhaps you may know of someone who can.

The Marina Carols go from strength to strength - with both sides of the banks and the waterway packed with people enjoying themselves some first time attendees were kicking themselves for what they had missed in the past. The weather was kind and Paul West with Jessica and Rob assisted by Leigh provided another memorable event. The children's singing was wonderful and the efforts of some of the fathers brought tears to the eyes literally. The canine impostors posing as reindeer did not upset Rudolph. Thanks go to all who attended and those who helped.

It was commented by a visitor, that Father Christmas' visit and the Carols have the capability to attract lots of litter wrapping paper, song sheets, 'refreshment containers' and the like; yet year in year out not one piece of litter is left behind. We are genuinely proud of our area.

The 2009 Annual General Meeting, delayed by events beyond our control, was held on 2nd February 2010 and we appreciated the attendance of our own local Councillor Demetri Qually and also Councillor Marian Nieuwoudt the Mayco Member for Planning and Strategy.

The Resolutions before the meeting, the SARS requirement, the return to an Annual Subscription, the change of Domicile, the Fines System for Standards and Archcom together with the LUPO Approval amendment were all adopted and passed with overwhelming 'For' votes. The draft Minutes of Meeting will be posted on the website together with a copy of the 2010 issue of our Constitution, once it has been returned from council.

Excom members were nominated and accepted; their portfolios are on the front of the Newsletter.

The System of Fines now allows us to charge just the Archcom Plans Scrutiny Fee currently R100.00 and the Completion Inspection Fee R200.00 (this is not an inspection on behalf of council but only to ensure compliance with the Marina Design Manual). A deposit, for further inspections, is no longer required as a failure, if any, to comply with the requirements, is dealt with by the system of fines.

Any Other Business at the AGM was open and frank and several valid points were raised. Man's Best Friend the canine variety - featured strongly with excessive barking and dogs fouling Public Open Spaces being matters of concern.

If you feel that dogs are barking excessively please contact Marcia at the Marina Office for the Law Enforcement contact number the Association cannot lodge the complaint on your behalf it must be made directly by the person concerned.

Dogs fouling the Parks and Gardens of the Marina make it disgusting for the people working on these areas and also for the people who use them for pleasure. The play areas for children are often virtually unusable because of the mess left by inconsiderate dog owners. Various health problems for children, including blindness, can be directly attributed to dog faeces. We will be installing a trial bin for dog faeces but the preferable answer must be clear up after your pet and take the pet and the droppings home with you.

Light pollution caused by bright security lighting was another concern. Light does act as a deterrent for unwanted visitors but when it is shining directly into another home it creates problems. Please ensure that the lights only illuminate your property and do not adversely affect others - if possible have the lights switched on by sensors saving electricity remember that most unwanted visitors to your home are reported by your neighbours - something they cannot do if they are unable to see your home because of the glaring lights. Soft light reflecting on water adds to the Marina quality and to its skyline at night please help.

More points from any other business will be raised for comment throughout the year.

Please note that Annual Subscriptions R205.00 (less than 57 cents a day) are due from the first of March 2010 please ensure that you are up to date.

Note: our tax exemption applies to 'Subscriptions' not 'donations' please do not mark cheques with 'donation' we cannot accept it as your subscription.

Next time you see people putting out sprinklers or clearing areas of the Parks why not stop and have a word they would appreciate it.
Bob Craske
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