CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - February 2011

This is a short report to explain two issues which seem to be causing some confusion.

By now most Marina residents will be aware of the intiative by some members to have the Marina declared a special ratings area (SRA) This would have the effect of providing security for the whole Marina, and the cost would be borne by every property owner. This cost would be based on the municipal valuation of their property, and would be payable with their monthly rates account.

While individual members of the executive committee of the Association are of the opinion that the SRA could be advantageous to residents of the marina, particularly those residents who at present have little or no security, there are some complex issues involved: the co-existence of the Association and SRA, which must be run as a section 21 company, being one of them.

We wish to record that the SRA initiative is being managed by individual residents in their private capacity and is not an initiative of the Marina da Gama Association.

I have been asked several times recently about the arbitration process which took place in December. A small number of homeowners, who over many years have consistently refused to maintain their properties, were put forward for arbitration, in an effort to find a better, less expensive way to enforce standards, and as an alternative to taking them to court.

The outcome of the first arbitration hearings has been that one resident completed the necessary maintenance before the hearing took place, and two residents signed agreements to undertake the maintenance required over an agreed length of time. A resident who failed to appear for the hearing will be served with a notice to appear again shortly. Fines can be given by the arbitrators for noncompliance, and if this proves to be an effective way of enforcing standards we will use the process again.

Toni Joubert, Chair.

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