Chairman's report - Feb 2012

Our thanks go to our Father Christmas for providing so much enjoyment for all and the same must be said of Paul West and his team at the Carols by Candlelight, it was good to see Paul back again with such a brilliant team around him. With visitors from far and wide it was a superb evening even the weather gods were with us.

We have managed to persuade Scott Aspden to rejoin Excom as the Standards Portfolio holder, a challenging task; he will have the full support and assistance of Excom. Rob Maclean a former Chair and long time member of Excom rejoins and will share the Waterways Portfolio with John Ridley a strong combination of varying talents and knowledge for another challenging portfolio. Welcome back and thank you Scott and Rob. If anyone wishes to assist or join Excom please contact any of the current Excom members there is plenty to do.

On a different note the Association annual subscription of R248.00 per annum equating to just over R20 per month will be due from 1st March 2012 - in the area of Homeowners Associations costs this is remarkably low; yet some do not pay. Excom takes the position that it is not acceptable that those who do not pay should continue to do so; accordingly those who have outstanding debts and have not responded to a request for payment have had proceedings taken against them. The costs associated with this will be borne by the member who has not paid. This will continue in batches of non-payers in the forthcoming months.

The Association is mandated to ensure the upkeep of the Township area and with the minimum council support, available under council financial limitations, means we must assist in maintaining the area; this cannot happen if some members do not pay. It is a requirement of our constitution and that of the Land Use Planning Ordinance 1985, under which the relevant parts of our constitution are approved, that 'members shall be jointly liable for expenditure incurred in connection with the association." Please pay on time to prevent any personal embarrassment.

Special appreciation must be given to the volunteers who, with Toni Joubert, have worked with material from council to improve the Prince George Drive entrances to the Marina.
Bob Craske
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