Chairman's report - April 2009

The Marina e-mail Notice Board has been up and running for sometime and it is proving to be an effective method of communication within the Marina da Gama community for the Marina residents.

At this time over 750 members receive the Notice Board Bulletins. The diversity of the content reflects the Marina da Gama; in the For Sale and Wanted section we have ranged from small domestic appliances to complete houses. If photographs are included they are posted on the Marina website so as not to block non-broadband users PC’s. In lost and found, pets have been reunited with their owners. The security information provides a speedy and effective means of letting members know of arrests, suspicious people and vehicles and where possible the methodology of a reported crime or an unusual set of circumstances. We must thank all who have contributed their input to this section which provides assurance to others. Where crimes are reported in a bulletin the home owners name and house number are omitted. Community events, craft markets and car boot sales have all benefited from the Notice Board.

At the start of the Notice Board project it was made clear, to all members, that the content would be for the benefit of the Marina members, non profit making organisations within the Marina and special events. The data base on which the e-mail addresses are held is not, and will not be, available to any organisation other than the MDGA and the only access to it is through the Marina Office. Junk mail, soliciting business or canvassing data is not permitted. Blogs and interactive data are not anticipated, at this time, due to the level of monitoring required.

Should you wish to add your e-mail address to the Notice Board data base please contact Marcia at the Marina Office.

The Standards Inspector has had a successful period, mainly as a result of the co-operation of the vast majority of the members. There is still a particular small ‘hard core’ of people who will not accept the responsibilities of community living but expect the benefits. In the current financial climate the selling of property is difficult and is clearly not assisted when a neighbouring property does not reflect the remainder of a generally well kept area. The Marina is recognised for its outstanding beauty, a part of which is the condition of the property and gardens within it. Please make an effort for your neighbours’ sake.

The recent additions of security projects now means that the majority of the Marina has mobile or static security cover, the effort put in by the individuals who organise and run the various security cells is a credit to them and their efforts are reflected in the improved safety and security that we all enjoy. They work tirelessly and without financial reward, we should all thank and support them, without their commitment the Marina would be a vastly different place.

Bob Craske
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