Chairman's report - March 2013

The much delayed Annual General Meeting is now behind us and we have a new Excom as shown on the front page of the magazine. We have lost Toni Joubert and have co-opted Duncan McSporran on as an Exco Member, for the time being, without a portfolio. As of last year we have doubled up on some of the portfolios and some members hold more than one position. We need more Exco members to help with the work load and will be inviting homeowners to attend meetings with a view to them joining Exco as full or partner members.

The Parks and Gardens Portfolio vacated by Toni is currently held by myself – gasps of dismay – however, I am ably assisted in the work by Toni Joubert – Park Island and Jill Curling – Eastlake Island and have offers of help from others. In addition to assisting the City Parks department with the Marina Parks we have also, in response to a comment at the AGM, taken on, on a trial basis, someone to collect litter at all of the Marina entrances back as far as Eastlake Drive; he will work on Wednesday morning of each week. We ask that all homeowners and residents help with this by regularly ensuring that the street outside their properties is clear of litter and debris and not just ask the Association to do it. It may not be your litter but it is our community.

From the AGM it was obvious that the City’s response to our questions concerning their conduct is relation to the Association was, in most cases, unacceptable we will continue to pursue the matters with the City and provide feedback via the e-mail Notice Board. If you currently do not receive the e-mail Notice Board, please give your e-mail details to Marcia so that you can be added to the data base. The data base is used only by the Marina Association for Marina items and is not available in any format to any outside agencies. For those without e-mail a hard copy is available for reading at the Marina Offices at Eastlake Square.

Cllr D’Alton’s response regarding a question at the AGM to make changes at the Prince George Drive / Uitsig Peninsular entrance has been received and will be circulated on the e-mail Notice Board.

The City’s response to the question of the dumping of sewage in the canals leading to the vlei and into the vlei itself was totally unacceptable. The telephone numbers available on signs and via other means to report pollution and other matters are unreliable, contradictory or non-functioning we have put a proposal to City to correct this and this and the response will also be circulated on the e-mail Notice Board.

We do not expect special treatment from the City only what reasonable people would reasonably expect from any organisation charged with specific duties. As individuals and organisations we will in the future have to do more for ourselves – as mentioned above – this does not mean that we should not expect and receive timely responses from public organisations. Waiting over two years for a very simple task to be completed or taking one year to close down a noxious business, which is a hazard to the wellbeing of those living nearby, is neither acceptable nor reasonable.

Without Cllr D’Alton’s help it would have been more difficult but he cannot be expected to answer or deal for all the problems.

Bob Craske .

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