Chairman's report - October 2008

This is my final report as Chairman of the Association, and by the time it is published, we will have held our 2008 AGM, and I will have had the opportunity to say my farewells and to thank all of you for the tremendous support you have given me through some turbulent times.

Kim and Cherry do a great job in producing not only an interesting digest of Marina News; but in a thoroughly professional and reader-friendly format. Kim is now applying the same approach to our website (www.mdga.co.za). We are also able to respond quickly to news events, lost/founds etc. on our electronic Marina Noticeboard.

What memories will I take with me from my time as Chairman? Overall, my most striking discovery is the number of people who care passionately about the community in which we live; the environment we are so fortunate to enjoy, and our duty of care to preserve it for our children.

Representing our members has involved me in many meetings in the wider community, and everywhere I go I see Marina residents who give freely of their time (and in some cases with a substantial financial commitment) to help our less fortunate neighbours. At times like those, I feel proud to be a member of this Association and everything it stands for.

There have of course been rough times too, when the Association was embroiled in vexatious legal disputes with disgruntled members, and when quite frankly, on those darker days, I asked myself why anyone would want the job of chairman.

But then, I would walk out on my deck, overlooking the lake, with the mountains as backdrop, and think how very, very lucky we are to live in this wonderful place. I feel honoured to have been of service to the Association and this unique community. I wish my successor the same sense of fulfillment I have experienced.
Peter Harrison
Chairman MDGA
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