Chairman's report - October 2009

Time travel is now possible – at least on Google Earth it is - click on the ‘clock’ icon on the top tool bar and a sliding scale from the current issue of Google Earth back to the year 2000’ish appears in the top left hand of the window. – (Thanks to Peter F for the information)

When looking, through Google, at the Marina and by going back several years it is possible to see the effects of the ‘Greening of the Marina’. When the Marina was being constructed irrigation systems were installed, by the developer, on the public open spaces. When the public spaces and roads were handed over to council, as a condition of the sub division of the land, the operation and maintenance of the systems became the council’s responsibility. In previous times up to 16 council gardeners were used to maintain these areas within the Marina.

Times have changed, and as the development of the Marina slowed down the irrigation systems were dropped from the later stages of development with the result of, green in the winter, dust in the summer. Council’s provision of gardening support also fell away; as a result the task of supporting these systems increasingly fell onto the Marina Association. Most of the watering of the Open Spaces is carried out by volunteers who, in some cases, drag out hoses and sprinklers once a week to keep the Marina looking as it was intended. Age has now overtaken parts of the original sprinkler systems and maintenance is now carried out as joint venture between MDGA Gardens Portfolio – Toni Joubert - and council Parks and Gardens, and as a last resort additional funding had been supplied by the association to ensure the existing systems continue to function.

In the Uitsig Peninsular, where no systems were installed by the developer, a well and pumping system have been installed, by council, to provide ground water for irrigation. Once the electricity power supply has been installed, by council, we should have a functioning system for Uitsig Park; we then will provide as another joint venture, over a period of time and with funds permitting, the piping and sprinklers.

The tremendous effort by the Toni and volunteers, in the organisation and physical carrying out of the work, to maintain our Open Spaces, in a manner which has always set us apart from other suburbs, is continuously increasing and any assistance would be most welcome.

Winter and the rain may hopefully be behind us and it is time for that annual request for a Marina peculiarity, ‘the cleaning of parapets,’ this is a plea which this year is of particular significance in that some members have put off the task for longer than they have done previously. Please look at your house as neighbours or visitors would see it and if the parapets/ walls need work if so please clean or paint as appropriate.

Estate Agents are pointing out that property prices in well maintained Homeowner Association areas are holding up somewhat better than other areas, during these difficult financial times.
Bob Craske Chairman MDGA
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