CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - September 2010

What I find so wonderful about the Marina is that every season undergoes a noticeable shift: you can notice it in the clouds; the water birds are differently active; the geese arrive at your doorstep showing off their young. Our Mr Bles (the coot) is chasing the ducks with greater vigour and we notice that Arthur and Martha (the Crested Grebes) are back doing their complicated mating dance up and down the canal. Also the previously bare branches of the trees seem to be sprouting leaves overnight. So in spite of the wind and the rain, the signs are all there that a new summery season is imminent.

We were sitting on the deck with friends when they said “Yes, now I can understand your move to the Marina, where else can you have what you’ve got here…your own piece of heaven!” We do have a piece of heaven in the Marina but of course we need the “angels” to constantly look after, protect and support us.

These angels come in many forms: our guards on their bicycles, the postman, the people who collect our bins on a Monday and those who collect the yellow recycling bags, the council workers who cut the grass on the public open spaces and mend potholes as well as the drivers of the weed harvesters. We also have residents who so selflessly give of their time and skills to mind our public gardens as well as all the work on the Island and in clearing up pollution.

We must of course include those who “lean” on us to see that we keep our properties painted and neat! To keep our life in the Marina a “piece of heaven” means that all of us have to pitch in, cooperate and do whatever we can to help ourselves and make a better community.

And “thank heavens” we usually do. Let’s keep it up, and be grateful to all those who do their bit.

(Prof.) Ampie Muller, Chair.

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