Street lamps out of order:
Report these to Patrick.Lategan@capetown.gov.za Phone 021 788 8961. Send an email to electricity@capetown.gov.za. Give exact location and please leave your contact details.

Has your wheelie bin been stolen?
Report it to the police and get a case number. Then contact Chantal Edward [Chantal.Edward@capetown.gov.za] to collect a form for a replacement wheelie bin.

Does your street have Potholes that require fixing?
Telephone: 021 700 2500 Or you can send a fax for attention Clinton Meyer at fax no 086 540 0258 giving a list of the potholes and their locations in the road (e.g. pothole outside No 11 Eastlake Drive, Eastlake Island, Marina Da Gama). Give your full name and daytime contact details.

Have a question re Yellow Bag Recycling?
Your contact person is: [alfonso.van_vuuren@capetown.gov.za]

Need trees to be cut back that are obscuring street lamps and/or causing a security risk?
Report these to the Marina office for the attention of Mrs Toni Joubert. Give exact location. Leave your name and contact details.

Need to place an advert in the Marina News?
Liaise with your street rep. Contact Marcia at the Marina office. Send an email with the relevant details to marinadagama@iafrica.com. Ask for the costs of the advertisement.

Not sure who your street rep is or require any further information not covered here?
Contact the Marina Office.
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