Zandvlei trust

In the last newsletter Sharon wrote an excellent letter explaining the role the Zandvlei Trust plays in promoting and creating awareness of the beauty and diversity of the environment we live in. What is often not appreciated however are the long hours people like Gavin Lawson and Bowen Boshier (neither Marina residents) put into monitoring the aggressive plans for rampant development in our area.

We are so caught up with the very real pressures of coping with the responsibilities of our day to day lives that we are often not aware of the threats to the natural appeal of this area we all hold so dear. The Zandvlei Trust has and will hopefully continue to be a watchful eye, monitoring development plans, following due process by registering as an interested and affected party, submitting comments, following through with opposition where required, a thankless and time consuming task.

The Zandvlei Trust was part of the collective effort that put a stop to the unsightly and totally inappropriate development proposed for Sunrise Circle.The trust partners several role players in the area keeping the waterways and surrounding areas clean and attractive for all of us to live and play in. One would expect that with this proud record of achievement, the future of the Zandvlei Trust is secure. We have perhaps grown so used to always hearing about the Zandvlei Trust that we think it will always be there like a faithful watchdog. Unfortunately that is not so. Besides having too few people serving on the Executive Committee, we also have far too few members, and this is what I am hoping to address right here and now. Please become a member! In return you will receive a quarterly newsletter which keeps you abreast of developments and activities. You will not be obliged to assist with litter clean ups and the likes.

Just show your solidarity by becoming a member. The rates are :
R60 per annum for single membership.
R80 per annum for a couple.

This year our AGM will also be a celebration of our 20th anniversary. Please join us at the Imperial Yacht Club, 28th May, 18h30 for 19h00. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to wrap up the business side of the proceedings within 40 minutes, followed by presentations by two guest speakers both working for the South African National Botanical Institute (SANBI):

John Measy on Leopard Toads and Chrystal Tolley on Chameleons.

If you would like to attend please RSVP Lucia Rodrigues You can register as a member at the AGM or contact Lucia Rodrigues 021 788 5580, 083 325 8881, Email signet@webafrica.org.za for an application form.

I look forward to being run off my feet!
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