Zandvlei environment and Park Island

Spring has sprung and finally the warmth of the sun can be felt and appreciated. If you get out and about in the Marina you will notice the proliferation of the flowers and if you are a hay fever sufferer the explosion of pollen and grass seeds will have you running for cover.

The council have finally mowed the pathways on Park Island and Marina residents have sponsored the collection of more than 275 bags of litter by two LINK employees. Many thanks to all thise that have contributed for their superb support.

The council tender for litter collection has finally been processed and has now ‘kicked in’ for the new financial year, the company appropriately called MAD. They arrived one afternoon when our island cleanup was half completed, slept in my drive way all afternoon and have not been seen since! I am expecting them to honour their commitment and finish the job that we subsidized and any monies left in the ‘kitty’ will now go to alien vegetation clearance on the island.

To all those who assisted in cash or kind, many, many thanks. May you enjoy the results.

The waterways are beginning to clear as the suspended silt sinks. Our water quality continues to be good and we expect the salinity levels to start rising with less fresh water flowing into Zandvlei from the catchment. Many people have expressed their dismay at the lack of weed [potemogetem] in the waterways at present, especially as the waterbirds depend on it for nest building/food source at this time of the year. For optimum growth the weed requires warmth and salinity levels of between 5 and 10ppt. [For those interested, the council has published an excellent brochure on Zandvlei – Factors concerning Water level management which can be obtained from the Marina office]

Interested in our local environment? Join the Zandvlei Trust by contacting Lucia Rodriques at 021 788 55 80 or signet@mweb.co.za
Cherry Giljam
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