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A free service connecting our communities.
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The LINK was established in 2003 as a voluntary operated NPO/NBO to link local people with employment / training opportunities and as a depot for the re distribution of donated goods.

The LINK is funded entirely from local donations in cash and kind.

The LINK offers a FREE service to all job seekers and prospective employers by:

Developing, constantly updating and maintaining our unique data base [designed by our volunteers] listing the job seekers personal details, skills, certified qualifications, experience, referrals and references. Details of the latter are kept electronically and as hard copies.

Source, screen and facilitate interviews between suitable job seekers and prospective employers. The latter can be conducted on the LINK premises by request.

Advertising and marketing of the job seekers skills to the local market including accredited APSO recruitment agencies.

Promotion to job seekers of upliftment / skills training available in the area by accredited institutions / NGO’s giving them assistance with applications for bursaries, enrolment and practical issues ie How do they finance transport to and from the study venue, put bread on the table for the duration of the course etc.

Assessment of the ‘needs’ of local industry so that recruitment demand can be met where possible.

Assist and promote small business projects.

Network with other local NGO’s who may be promoting employment / skills training opportunities to use the LINK database to source suitable candidates.

How can we assist you?

The LINK has no ‘Rocket Scientists’ on its database but you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and level of the skills we promote. We place on average 40 [off season] to 195 [summer] job seekers a month and in July/August for the first time the number of permanent placements was greater than that of our casuals. The database contains the details of approximately 2000 job seekers at any given time and on average we have +-120 new job seekers register with us each month. To register, job seekers need an SA ID or current asylum status from Home Affairs.

Looking for Staff or Artisans - call us first. Local is lekker.

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7h30am to 12h.30 daily. We are in Vrygrond Road. Tel 021 788 5345 or Cell 083 353 3743
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