Parks & Gardens Report August 2010

Back from an extended stay with family overseas , I find that spring has arrived in the marina in my absence, and the parks are green and sprinkled with flowers.

Unfortunately the moles have also arrived with the change of season and encouraged by the soft ground are spreading like wildfire! I have contacted the Moleman to give me some advice and a quote which I will be taking to both the parks department and the monthly Excom meeting, so that action can be taken as soon as possible. Topping my list of work to be done at the moment is the sprinkler system on the park at Uitsig. This will be undertaken in conjunction with the parks department and the trenches for pipes should be started sometime later in September.

Further work on improving the Prince Georges Drive entrances has unfortunately been brought to a halt as the parks department can not supply stone chips at present, and their crane truck seem to be permanently out of action. They had agreed to supply some aloes to replace those that were stolen from the entrances and I will try to speed up the delivery of these. In the meantime if there is anyone who plans to throw out the sort of spikey aloes that would be unpleasant to steal, please let me know!

A request to those residents whose children use the play equipment in Park Island, Cannon Island, and Uitsig; and to residents living in the surrounding areas: You may have noticed that this equipment was badly vandalized during the last year and has recently been repaired by a contractor brought in by the parks department.

The swings and other playground equipment are meant for children under the age of twelve but unfortunately some teenagers use these areas as gathering places and one of the new swings at Uitsig has already been broken.There are also some teenagers in the Cannon Island area who are using the swings and jungle gym, although they have been asked not to - if you see older children using the equipment please speak to them or alternatively let me know as soon as you can.

As always, my thanks to the residents who put time and effort into caring for the areas in which they live; and to those people who have expressed concern about the litter bins and dog ‘poo’ problem, the council and parks department do not seem able to offer a solution at present, but I am working on it.

Toni Joubert

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