Parks & Gardens Report – Feb 2008

Summer is at its height, and it is that time of the year when the south –easter seems to blow continuously. The combination of heat and wind has a devastating effect on both the gardens and public open spaces in the Marina.

At a meeting with the Parks department in January, therefore, watering systems on the public open spaces (or lack of them) were a priority. The existing systems are very old and need constant maintenance - and over the last two weeks the department has provided a team to revive the defunct old system on the park at Marina Moorings, and to work on other areas in the Marina. Several residents have offered to help install sprinkler systems in their areas, and the Parks department has agreed to undertake a project in which they will provide all the necessary materials and we will provide the labour and supervision. Residents at the end of Oudevlei Road, De Lille Close, Park Island, and the corner of Eastlake Island Way, plan to start these projects in their areas during the next month, and I would like to thank them on everyones behalf.

Unfortunately, the Parks department has not yet been able to arrange an electrical connection for the borehole that has been sunk in the Uitsig park and the watering system so badly needed for the park cannot be laid until this has been done.

In the meantime the park is becoming increasingly dry, the grass is battling to survive, and I am hoping that there are some residents living in the vicinity who would be prepared to water using hoses and sprinklers provided by the council until the borehole pump is connected. The park on Park Island looks green and cared for because of the efforts of a group of residents who for years have watered this way; and I am sure that Uitsig Park could look as good if it could be watered on a regular basis until the sprinkler system is installed. If you would like to help and have an hour to spare, please contact me.

The Parks department has agreed to carry out a weed spraying program in the Marina as soon as we have a few windless days. This is urgently needed- the paths and bridges, in particular are looking very overgrown and untidy- and so I hope that the weather co-operates as soon as possible.

San Marina

Erna Maclean and Alison Petzer-the Green Team- who did such a great job tidying and landscaping verges and street corners last year, are ready to start new projects in the area, and ask residents to contact them if they would like help. The pavements in San Marina are badly in need of weeding and will be at the top of the list when the spraying program starts.

At this time of the year it is really too hot and dry to undertake projects that require planting, but there is work to be done at all the entrances to Prince Georges Drive-if only there could be an effective zero tolerance approach to littering!- and once again, if there are open spaces looking neglected in your area please let me know.
Toni Joubert
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