Parks & Gardens Report February 2011

Focus on Uitsig

This is a dry and windy time in the Peninsula, and in the Marina in particular, but despite the harsh weather there are some good things happening in the open spaces in Uitsig. In a far corner of the Moorings, Sue and Jack Harwood, assisted by some local residents, are turning a public area that had been used as a dumping ground for building and garden refuse into a garden. Mountains of rubbish have been removed, a spiky hedge has been planted along the canal to discourage intruders, and until recently, they were watering with buckets lowered into the canal. There is no council water point available, but a generous resident has come to their aid and is providing water via a hose over the wall.

I was beginning to despair of preventing the park at Uitsig from deteriorating into a desert: the Council’s budget for Parks and Gardens has been severely cut and they have not yet been able to provide the basic materials for a sprinkler system. However Bob Craske, aided by Paul van Heesch, has come to the rescue and has organized a temporary watering system to keep the grass alive until a permanent system can be installed. It is surprising how quickly the grass begins to revive, but it needs to be watered regularly and it is a huge area for one person to manage alone. Volunteers are urgently needed to help with the watering - the more people that help the easier the task becomes. If you have an hour to spare once a week, please contact Bob Craske or me through the office.

In Baalen Close a sprinkler system has been laid by Bob and local residents and in Brabant Close a resident has started a garden on a dry and neglected part of the public open space. The park at Marina Moorings is watered regularly by a resident, Caroline Zutphen, and she too needs help from time to time.

When people are prepared to get involved in caring for their surroundings there is so much that can be done, so a big thank you to those who are already helping, and a plea to more residents to offer their help

Toni Joubert

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