Marin entrance gardens June 2012

Have you noticed how all the entrances to the Marina have been neatened up and re-landscaped? The following are the people we have to thank.

Toni Joubert of Park Island is in charge of the gardens, overall. The entrances are a subset of all the Marina parks and gardens and there is a subcommittee of people who look after the entrances, in collaboration with Toni.

Gigi Bremner of Park Island is the head of the Garden Club subcommittee, responsible for entrance beautification. She is the chief organizer as well as doing lots of hands on work.

Her right-hand women are Jennifer Kruyt of Eastlake Island and Joanna Russel of Uitsig Penisnula. Ruby Ward from Eastlake also really gets stuck in.

The two main garden workers are Stapha and Russel. Although there have been various other workers from time to time. 

People who oversee the garden workers and who help with giving them food are, Kay Stretch, Phyll Spooner, Audrey Law, Erna MacLean, Ann Scurr and Iona Spalding. 

Peter Harrison gave his time and the use of his bakkie. 

Heidi Gorrie from Uitsig has allowed her gardener, Matthys, to work on the entrance project once a month instead of in her garden.

Carol Watts of Park Island takes minutes at meetings and generally sorts out any documentation for the entrances group.

Jennifer Wilkinson was in the initial 'think tank' to advise us as to what should be done and Martyn Bradbury is our treasurer, who liaises between us and the garden club.

Many people in The Marina have donated plants to the project.

From the residents of Marina da Gama – THANK YOU! 
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