Marina Entrances– December 2011

On the first Wednesday in August, at our usual Marina garden club meeting, a decision was taken to help Toni Joubert, to beautify the entrances to the Marina, as Toni’s workload in maintaining the inner Marina gardens is huge. At that meeting, a visiting couple from Switzerland, were so taken with our enthusiasm that they gave us our first monetary donation to get us started. A small sub committee was formed and so, on the 18th August, the group descended on Eastlake entrance. The decision had been taken to tackle the worst, first….then hopefully the others would be a breeze. Measurements were taken, heads put together, suggestions bandied, and work started in earnest on the third week of August.

A Request for plants was publicized and the response was wonderful.

We are grateful to all the people who have come forward with donations of plants from aloes, yukkas, to succulents and ground covers. Without the people who have willingly provided water and have even undertaken to water the plants themselves, I doubt that the plants would have survived without their help.
Peter Harrison very kindly gives of his time and the use of his bakkie, almost on a weekly basis, to collect rocks for us.
Heidi and Doug Gorrie assist with lending us their gardener on a bi-weekly basis.

An amazing group of elderly ladies, who cannot assist us physically, provide the breakfast and lunch for our workers, every Tuesday.
My fantastic team of energetic ladies who get stuck right in together with the workers, and if I don’t get to phoning them in time on Monday afternoon, they chivvy me up to see what time they must start the following day.

We also put in a request to the Parks department for large aloes, large rocks and gravel. Well we are blessed to have been given the aloes and the other requests are on the promissory list.

Our thanks also go to the Marina Association, who sponsor our workers on a Tuesday and to Toni, who is willing to share them with us.

To date, we have work in progress at all six entrances to the Marina. It is so rewarding, when people stop to see what we are doing, make comments, offer advice, or just toot as they drive past and put thumbs up. Thank you for your moral support.

We wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and joyful holiday season.
From your happy Marina gardeners

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