Cheryl Shapiro

I spent my childhood in Muizenberg and my school years at the Muizenberg Junior and high Schools. When Anglo America opened the marina to the public, I was there, handing out pamphlets to the visitors as a member of the Leo Club. It is amazing to think that I now live in part of the house that originally housed the visitors centre. After spending many years in Israel and Namibia, I eventually moved back to the area. Over the years I have managed to obtain a qualification in Chemistry, a BA and a post-graduate qualification as a Company Secretary. I have been working for the same company for nearly 20 years and am the Group Company Secretary for 3 companies listed on the JSE. I am married to a fabulous man, Ray, who is getting fed up with all the hours I spend on Marina matters but, having recently relinquished the Treasurer portfolio to Trevor the number of hours spent on the MDGA may decrease.

Robin Carlisle
Security Portfolio

My business life was in retail mainly with Edgars where I was Marketing Director. I was a political activist from 1959, entered Parliament in 1984 and was Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works 2009 to 2014. I am married to Margaret and we have two Daughters - Frith and Erin and the bush is my favourite place to be.

Parks and Gardens Portfolio

My husband and I retired to the Marina fifteen years ago and have both served on Excom in various capacities. I practised as an Occupational Therapist and worked mainly in the field of psychiatry. I enjoy swimming, and canoeing and I am a keen gardener. I held the portfolio of Parks and Gardens for approx ten years until 2012 and I feel very strongly about the care of our unique open spaces and the need for regular maintenance of all these public areas. I think that it is time to reassess the running of this portfolio, and to draw up a long term plan that will include giving equal care and attention to all sections of the Marina. Times have changed, the council is not able to provide the services that it once did, the infrastructure,- public jetties, play areas and particularly the pipes and watering systems are ageing and we will have to take a realistic look at how to manage the public open spaces in the future.

Trevor Quelch

Trevor has been a resident in Park Island, with partner Monika, since 2002. Recently (semi) retired I was involved and employed at W P Cricket Association since 1989 - eventually managing the beverage section since the start of the millennium and controlling an annual income of R5m. From a sporting point of view I played cricket and hockey, cricket for a short period in the mid-1970's before an eye injury cut short that journey. However, I continued with hockey and progressed up to Grand Challenge level...prior to the advent of Astroturf (thank goodness !! ) My current interests include golf, and am a member at the Langebaan Country Estate where the subscription rates for over-60's is very favourable. I have also organised a couple of annual charity golf days.

Internet Communications Technology

Sandvlei and its surrounds have been part of my life since a long time ago.  I learned to fish in the vlei as a boy, went to school at Muizenberg Junior, was a Sea Scout here, sailed at Imperial Yacht Club, and took my children to Kontiki and so on. Now I live here and it’s a good place to be.

I attended St.Aidans College, Grahamstown and then  UCT  and left with a Maths major. After  a few years on the platinum mines (the Marikana one) I  returned to Cape Town and worked for a company supplying specialized raw materials to the factories and textile processors. In about 1973 I started my own business which was export dependant and which sanctions finally killed some years later. A ten year stint marketing and managing in footwear and textiles followed. For various reasons in 2002, we moved to Ireland, and lived there until retirement and moved back to RSA and the Marina in 2013.

The Marina and Sandvlei is a recreational area, and we must keep it as such, safe for people to use. To keep it so we must have a community spirit, and work together to know the Sandvlei needs and wants, and do something about it.


When I was younger I spent some years in Europe where I did a French course at the Sorbonne in Paris, and an Italian course at the university in Perugia. On my return I attended the University of the Witwatersrand.  I worked as a Curriculum Adviser for the Western Cape Education Department for many years, and have a Masters degree in Education. My previous weekly column in the Educational Supplement of the Argus newspaper honed journalistic skills.  I have some experience in conflict resolution as I was involved in the Non-Violent Schools Campaign. Since retiring I have been volunteering for two excellent NPOs in Vrygrond.

As a regular contributor to the Marina News I hope to continue the good work in the Communication Portfolio.  Each resident here has a voice and contributes to keeping  this beautiful environment a place where we all want to live.

Nicci Thompson-Evans
Communications (Events & Social Media)

I have lived on the Marina for many years, with an interlude in Dubai. After enduring a hot, dry desert environment, the beauty and serenity of Marina da Gama was and remains an appealing sanctuary. To help ensure that the Marina remains this wonderful place to live, I'm offering myself for nomination to the Excom, so I can do my bit. I'm already participating as one of the Security Guardians, liaising with residents and security companies to ensure the best possible security solutions. I started my working life in the medical profession and have recently graduated as a counsellor. I'm currently doing trauma counselling at a SAPS Victim Support Unit.

Uitsig, Operations & Strategy

I bring relevant experience to the Marina ExCom - I worked with Cherry Giljam on the Zandvlei Trust and interact with personnel in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve on issues connected to the UITSIG park and waterways.

I have also been involved in sports administration and was a school teacher before venturing into the commercial world where I successfully ran and sold various businesses as going concerns. I worked with the team constructing the freeway connecting Mooi River (in the Natal Midlands) to Howick, in a road surveying capacity.

As a family, we hailed from an impoverished background and found our space in society to uplift others and ourselves. I served with the Child Welfare Society. I played a political role in the anti-Apartheid struggle in various concerns connected with education, raised and distributed finance, amongst others.

Periodically, I invite people to my house to discuss topics which bring together people of divergent viewpoints with a common purpose of promoting respect for one another irrespective of backgrounds. I work towards elevating humanity through encouraging mutual understanding.

These are some of my involvements which have given me a wide perspective on life.


Security & Street Reps

I have owned a home on Uitsig Peninsula since 1994 which my wife Frances and I used regularly for weekend and weekday canoeing, birdwatching and holidays. (We lived 20 minutes away in Pinelands). We took up full time residence here in 2016.

I joined Peninsula Canoe Club/Zandvlei Sports Club in 1978 and have been training and racing canoes here ever since then. We have done the CWAC bird counts of the Marina canals by canoe on a regular basis for many years and we belong to the Zandvlei Trust.

I am a mining engineer and we settled in Cape Town in 1972 where, after completing an MBA, I was employed until retirement in the quarry industry around Cape Town and the West coast.

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