We are still working hard to try to get our numbers up sufficiently to be able to have a day guard. Only once we can afford a day guard on weekdays will we be able to tackle the “bin-scratcher problem” effectively. At the moment MM keeps them out until just before 7:00 a.m. when they go off duty. If you can assist in providing some time on Monday mornings to stop these “bin-scratchers” out it will be great.

Car break-ins at night were a major problem before Mountain Men started patrolling. Please make sure that all valuables are out of the car when you lock up at night. Do not create an invitation to those who believe they have rights to your belongings. If you would like to join the Mountain Men security scheme please contact them on (021) 700-3159 and arrange for someone to drop a form off with you or email Jane at Mountain Men (janer@mountainmen.co.za) requesting signup forms for the Oudevlei security scheme. Fax: (021) 700-3157

A security warning has been circulated telling of people who pose as crime survey conductors. They are robbing people in the Western Cape suburbs in their homes at gun point. Please make a point of not opening your door to strangers – however plausible they seem. Ask for identification if they claim to be officials.

There is strong evidence pointing towards a local resident being an informant. It seems that this person was seen on a bicycle shortly before or after some of the incidents. He is known to both the neighbourhood watch & MM. If you see him, please be on the look out for OTHER suspicious people / activities. His favourite areas seem to be Shearwater & Oudevlei, although he has been spotted elsewhere at strange hours in the early mornings.


Currently San Marina is doing well. There is still houses that need a good paint. A request is made that if you can afford to do it now will be a good time before winter arrives. Verges is still a sore point for a few but again a request has been made that you neaten it up as you you all know council is not the fastest working group of people.

Before you do any building alterations please contact the MDGA office. The last thing you need is to be told to break down the structure or wall. There is a certain standards that needs to be maintained as the Marina is classified as a special area. We would like to keep it that way. Why be average when you can be special.


These roads are frequented by chars with their children in pushchairs or prams, or walking with toddlers, school children walking home, and all the other usual pedestrian traffic including all the neighbours’ cats who are always crossing from one side to the other. There have been cases of pets being hit, some with fatal injuries. A few years ago a school child was hit by a car near Oudevlei entrance. Prior to that, a car hit the Marina Moorings pillars, after rounding the Oudevlei bend too fast. The Oudevlei road “bend” has a kerb which is covered in black marks from the tyres of cars which hit the kerb. Some cars’ undercarriages have been damaged after the cars ramp the kerb and by some miracle, every time this happens, they miss hitting No.2 Texel Rd boundary wall! Shearwater drive is very similar. How can we make drivers reduce their speed? We need maybe 3 sets of speed humps. Anybody got any ideas?

Please reduce your vehicular speed on these two roads.

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