Security Report Feb 2008

Now that everyone is back to work and 2007 is behind us, its time to look at 2008 and see what we can do, as a team, to improve security in our area.

The following was undertaken in the December / January Period :

1) Uitsig Wall
It was established that the wall where the canal enters Uitsig was a weak point with numerous suspicious characters entering the Marina using the low wall as an access / escape route. The Marina Association made funds available and undertook to raise the wall in the interests of the residents living in this area.

2) Police Community Forum
Myself and Martin Gee attended the Police Community Forum AGM. Apart from a presentation from the commander of the Muizenberg Police Station it gives us a chance to interact with the police when it comes to requirements for our community. We are asked to collect crime statistics and report trends to the forum and based on this we will be allocated resources. For this to work we need community involvement and we encourage you to report security related issues to the Marina office.

3) Eastlake Shopping Centre
We met with the owners of the Eastlake shopping centre and had an informal discussion on security and their security plan. They will join the independent schemes as a member and will co-operate and share information on security issues.

We will be holding a meeting for the independent schemes on Monday 18th February at 18H00 at the Marina Office. Apart from the existing 8 schemes we would like to invite other prospective groups to attend. Should you want to get something going in your area whether it is a neighbourhood watch or a full guarding scheme please come and share your ideas.

We need to hear of all incidents in the Marina to be able to formulate a strategy to prevent future crime or to ask for police assistance. Please find our incident report form attached for such reporting or request a hard or electronic copy from the Marina Office.

'We document all incidents that occur to form a trend analysis. If a crime occurs in a street, near a foot bridge, and another shortly thereafter, on the same day, during the same time frame, across the bridge on another island, chances are that it is the same group or gang operating. We can find out where the weak links are, perhaps with the security providers while they were on bicycle patrol, too few guards, perhaps it is an unguarded area and the members need to put a security solution in place, etc. When these details are published it may spark someone's memory about a group of persons they passed by casually, but with a suitcase, etc. Descriptions would soon come from members that will allow us to monitor, track and recognise these elements when next they are poised to strike.

Please report any incident, no matter how small, as the more information that we have the better we will be able to serve you. By using the format provided and filling in as much detail as possible we will be able to assimilate the information to obtain maximum benefit.

I can only report on those that I know of but besides the robberies please be aware of the following two areas of concern

1) Money Scam: Someone will knock on your door, usually during the early hours of the morning, and beg for help with money to get their child to hospital. My advice is to call the police and ask for assistance on behalf of this person. Do not give access to your property.

2) Theft from the Water: There have been reports of stolen boats and break-ins from the water. Please lock your boat to your jetty when not in use and do not leave paddles/oars in your garden.
Richard Gie
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