Security Report March / April 2008

Independent Security Schemes
We held a meeting for the independent schemes on Monday 18th February at 18H00 at the Marina Office.
Those present were:
Paul van Heesch
Heidi Vanneck / Jack Harwood
Francois Staples
Greg Martans
Martin Gee
Eddie Windsor
Klaus Scheiner

Uitsig South
San Marina
Eastlake Shopping Center
Park Island
Spearhead Quay
Sonnet Quay

It was noted that these areas (Bar San Marina) are experiencing very little crime and that the security which has been put in place is working well. The areas of concern are San Marina and Eastlake Island drive and we have a plan for the residents living here.

San Marina
Heidi Vanneck is looking at getting residents together to co-operate to reduce some of the incidents are taking place. Weather it is through a neighbourhood watch or a simple know your neighbour scheme Heidi would like the support of residents in her area. Please make contact with her through the Marina office if you live in San Marina and want to assist.

Eastlake Island Drive
A public meeting on the evening of the 3rd April to gauge support with the view of getting a scheme off the ground. There is currently an opportunity to share a Guard with the Shopping center and this idea will be put to the residents in the area. The other options to consider are a Neighbourhood watch or Block watch scheme which will not cost money only the time of residents in the area. Out of that meeting a committee has been formed to take things further. Contact Elaine Meyer should you want to get involved in this incentive.

Community Police Forum
I am now on the committee of Sector 3 which is the area from Kalk Bay to Lakeside including Marina Da Gama. The idea is to better represent Marina at police meetings and make sure that the Marina gets a hearing when it comes to our security concerns. Super Joseph is now heading Muizenberg police station and has given assurances that service will improve as well as the war on crime.

Should any resident have a complaint or concern then please contact Sgt Naidoo, who heads up sector 3, and she will be happy to address your concerns.

Sector 3 patrol vehicle can be contacted directly on Cell No. 0824693463

The Police are also looking for volunteers to assist with trauma counselling and manning their comfort room. If you are interested in assisting the community in this way then please call Sgt Naidoo

The Police are also on a recruiting drive and are looking for Police constables and Police Reservists. If you are interested in a career in the SAPS then contact the Muizenberg Police station.

Crime Statistics Muizenberg
The following monthly crime statistic was given out for the Muizenberg area (March)
64 Vehicle Thefts (All vehicles stood in the road and where all smaller vehicles)
84 House breakings
2 Aggressive House breakings

Domestic violence is a huge problem in Vrygrond and is fuelled by shabeens and tik houses.

The Police will be concentrating on the following as a priority
- Safety on Muizenberg Beach Front
- Shabeens and Drugs Houses in the area

Should you have any information which could help the police then do not hesitate to contact Sgt Naidoo at the Muizenberg Police Station

Crime Statistics for March 2008 Marina Da Gama
We have reports of 3 house breakings in San Marina and 1 in Carp Close. I suspect the Carp Close incident is due to people entering the Marina through the Canal at the Northern boundary while San Marina has the problem of being a convenient stop for the criminal element from Vrygrond.
Until the community in this area decides that they have had enough and get together to sort the problem out we will continue to see incidents of this nature. Again we urge residents in the area to contact Heidi who is campaigning for action.

Marina Da Gama's request to Police March / April 2008
We would like to see the following strategies adopted in our fight against crime in the Marina
  1. Regular police patrols along Eastlake Island drive and around San Marina to dissuade criminals from operating in these areas.
  2. Eradication of Prostitution along Prince George Drive by arresting these ladies while solicitation clients.
Crime Incident Reporting
We need to hear of all incidents in the Marina to be able to formulate a strategy to prevent future crime or to ask for police assistance. Please find our incident report form attached for such reporting or request a hard or electronic copy from the Marina Office.

Tips for the Month
Do not leave your vehicle on the street if you can help it. Trends in the area show that vehicles are being targeted. Richard Gie
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