Security Report – August 2008

Recap of our security achievments

As the year draws to an end so too does my tenure as head of Security portfolio for the Marina Da Gama Association. My commitment to Marina Da Gama was one year and it has been a good learning experience in many ways. I would like to use this newsletter opportunity to recap on what has been achieved by the Marina Association over the last 9 months to hopefully make the Marina a safer place to live.
  1. Independent Security Schemes
    Without community involvement in security matters the police do not stand a chance in combating crime in our neighborhood. The encouraging of security schemes in the different areas of Marina Da Gama as well as promoting co-operation between these schemes has meant that criminal methods can be tracked and residents can be made aware of the threat that is the current trend.
  2. Police Community Forum
    Marina Da Gama are well represented in the Police Community Forum, which is a conduit directly into the crime prevention unit at Muizenberg Police Station. We meet monthly to inform them of crime statistics in our area and discuss strategies for the forthcoming month to prevent these crimes.
  3. Community Involvement
    The Association is constantly involved with community members who need assistance either as victims of crime or are seeking advice on how best to protect themselves.
The Association now needs a resident to step up to the plate and take security to the next level after November’s AGM and build on what has been achieved over the past year. We also need to ask residents at the next AGM what our community expects of the Association when it comes to Security and appreciate ideas on how we can improve the security situation to all residents benefit. I would like to take this opportunity to all those who supported me over the last 9 months and would ask that anyone who is interested in taking on the challenge of heading up this portfolio to please contact me through the Marina Da Gama Association office.
Richard Gie
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