The FEDS (Fishermans Quay, Eastlake Drive and Surrounds incl Tower Quay, Port Close, Starboard Close, First Section of Cannon Island, Teal Close, Mallard Close and Geneva Road) continues to go from strength to strength as we enter our fifth month of operation.

Inspite of the large number of entrance points, and the high level of pedestrians, particularly along Eastlake Drive, we are very pleased to confirm that since the commencement of the Mountain Men Patrol services, the level of crime in the area continues to drop. We are still in phase 1 of our project - a 5 night patrol service covering the area. We would like to start phase 2, the 5 day coverage patrol service as soon as possible. A very big thank you to everybody who has signed up so far.

Participation at this point from the various streets is as follows:

Cannon Island - 25%
Eastlake Drive - 53%
Fishermans Quay - 84%
Geneva Road - 25%
Mallard Close - 40%
Port Close - 42%M
Starboard Close - 66%
Teal Close - 16%
Tower Quay - 57%

At this stage we have 47 residents signed up (1 has sold, and 1 has moved) of a possible 92. In order for the day shift to commence we need to increase the number of signed up residents to 65.

At a cost of R140.00 per month we really believe that the benefits of living in a “safe” community out weigh the costs.

We do have some residents who still aren’t sure and have a “wait and see” approach - please join us, we need you to be part of the solution. The more people we have signed up, the more guards we can afford - so we are depending on you to join us.

Once again, please can all owners ensure that the security plan forms part of the lease agreement with your tenants, or if you are using an agent, ensure that the agent signs your tenants up.

Please remember: it is important that every incident in this area (even washing stolen from the line) is reported to SAPS, Marina da Gama office, Mountain Men and Karen. These can be recorded directly on the Mountain Men website – www.mountainmen.co.za - click on incident report and complete the necessary information. This is the only way to track what is really happening. If we do not report incidents to the Police, the perception is that there is no crime and therefore additional policing is not necessary.

Please contact Karen to join FEDS - details below.
Karen Cousins
17 Fishermans Quay
Marina da Gama
Tel: 021 788 4749
Cell: 083 288 4718
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