Security Report August 2010

Since my last report, things have not improved as far as the security in the Marina Da Gama is concerned. The criminal incidents in the streets where we have limited security facilities are still very high, but what is also problematic, is that in the areas where there was little or no crime all of a sudden they are hit as well. During my visits to several crime scenes and after having spoken to several people or read their crime reports, one thing is becoming clear to me. If a house is not occupied for a certain time or when the occupants leave the house at a certain set time and return at a set time, somebody is reporting these movements to the thieves. They arrive in cars and they do what ever they want to do at their leisure. They are not afraid of the alarm and in certain cases they are not even scared of the neighbours.

We realise that some people only care for them selves and are not supporting any security scheme and they simply do not care what happens around them.

At the moment approximately 42% of the home owners profit from the efforts of the 58% of the home owners that pay on a monthly basis for this service.

A group of dedicated Marina Da Gama house owners have now got to gather and have formed a temporary working committee to introduce the concept of a “Special Rating Area” status in the Marina. You will be asked early next month to let them know if you want to support this effort.

In the mean time please read “WHAT is an SRA” on our website: www.mdga.co.za
Paul Van Heesch

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