Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch August 2010

Liz Meyer of the Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch invited me to attend their monthly meeting on Monday 16th August. I took the opportunity as a means of networking and in addition, Captain Stephen Knapp, of Muizenberg Police station was addressing the meeting.

Marine Estate have an active neighbourhood watch which has yielded very positive results for them. They are in a difficult position, where a number of known drug houses are operating in their area. Gerry and Mr Julies appeared in court, however the case was postponed – members of the neighbourhood watch are following the case closely and hopefully the licence to operate will not be granted.

Members of the neighbourhood watch met with Commander Swanepoel, the cluster commander for our area, in an effort to obtain answers to outstanding crimes. Within a week, he was able to give an update on each of the outstanding matters

Capt Knapp reported on the crime stats for the area, Sector 3, which includes the Marina. He continued by saying that visible policing definitely reduces crime. The manpower of the police stations is determined by the crime in the area. In order to ensure that our police station is sufficiently staffed, all crime must be reported and a case number must be obtained. If no reports of crime are received, there will be no extra staffing. Muizenberg police station is also looking to increase the number of reservists in our area.

Capt Knapp suggested that we direct calls through 10111 as all of these calls are logged and recorded. The vehicle can then be despatched by the 10111 call centre to the scene of the crime.

A question was posed from the floor regarding citizen’s arrest – we were informed that anyone can make a citizen’s arrest, however the criminal may resist. Capt Knapp also suggested that in the event of coming face to face with a criminal, that we should not be confrontational.

Management and staff are on a big drive at Muizenberg police station to improve their image and service delivery to the public. If you receive poor service, please ask to speak to the person’s superior – and always take a name. In the same way that we would request to speak to the manager in a shop, we need to put in the same effort to assist the police in ensuring that all their staff provide good service. In the same vein, if you receive good service, please give acknowledgment where it is due – a bit of praise will go a long way.
Karen Cousins

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