Security report August 2011

As far as the security is concerned I am having my doubts that we will ever get the break-ins under control. It is amazing that out of the 10 reported crimes it is apparent that in 80% of the cases the Security alarms are not working or not switched  on or the people do not have a Burglar Alarm. How the thieves know that fact I do not know. However I beginning to get the feeling that they just try and when they discover that the alarm is not triggered they carry on.

Please Fellow Marina Da Gama people, Security is your problem and you should make sure you are properly protected, nobody can do that for you.

This brings me to The Special Rating Area (SRA) issue. If we club to-gather and everybody pays his share we can put more guards on the roads to patrol our streets, which will make our environment safer to live in. The result will be that everybody will be happier living in the Marina and I am sure the house prices will increase.
Bob Craske and I have put an enormous effort and lots of time into this and as you have read in the Chairperson’s report, every member of the EXCOM is happy with this arrangement and they have now confirmed that there never have been any complex issues, especially with the co-existence of the Association and the SRA which is run, and must be run as a section 21 Company. 

So let us go forward. Bob and I will tackle the first two Peninsulars namely Uitig and Park Island  with the help of a strong and supportive team. We will keep you fully posted on our progress.
Please, report the incidents that happen to the Marina Office so that I can keep proper reliable statistics. I thank you for your efforts.

In the meantime please see to your alarm-systems and be safe.

Paul Van Heesch

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