Locking of bridges in the Marina

Bridges are locked at 20h00 each night and unlocked each morning at 06h00, Monday to Sundays by our security service providers.

This is done in the interests of security. We are aware of the inconvenience some of you experience because of this, but have to point out that this safety feature benefits far larger numbers in our community. Our crime stats over the years have significantly been reduced, particularly at night, since the bridges were locked.

The council has given us permission to lock the bridges at night, after considerable pressure and particularly after several tragic crime-related events had occurred, with criminal elements using the cover of darkness and the bridges as escape routes.

We regret that no keys are issued to members.

We would love the bridges to remain open for all those early morning joggers, those taking walks, those with maids who take the short cuts, those of us who want to visit friends at night via the bridges. What an ideal Marina this would be, when we can all take a walk at any time of the day or night without fear. Unfortunately this cannot happen until there are sufficient security checks and balances in place.

The locking of the bridges will be reviewed once members agree that the overall security in the Marina has improved and this won’t happen until the remaining unprotected parts of the Marina are properly secured .

You are, of course, reminded to remain alert at all times.
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