Security report December 2010

Just to make sure that everybody is aware of the fact that Bob Crask and Paul van Heesch, in their personal capacities, are driving the Special Rating Area application. We are however, fully supported by the Marina Da Gama Association.

We are starting the process again very soon with smaller meetings in the various areas to consult on a more personal basis with the residence in these areas.
In the meantime the Security portfolio has, with the great help of the people living in the Red Roman Area, Marina Moorings, managed to secure the wall and the canal preventing anybody from creeping in. The effort was crowned by planting 50 thorny bushes with lovely flowers to hide the ugly barbed wire. Well done, and thank you for the cooperation.

We have also managed to repair and renew the electric fence in Baalen Close with the financial support of the people living there. Thank you very much for this great help.

The people living close to the cul de sac section of the Oude Vlei, Marina Moorings, are presently collecting money to pay their share of securing the wall in that area. To-gather with the Association we will erect a new fence on top of this 45 meter wall section and install a security light. The Association is also going to apply to the Municipality to place boulders across the end of the road , to prevent cars parking there at all hours of the night. We hope that the fence will be up before the end of the year.

To further improve the safety of San Marina and Marina Moorings we must increase the bicycle patrol service of Mountain Men. For that to happen, Heidi needs more people to join. Please support this effort, as it will improve your safety and quality of life. The same condition applies to The East Lake Drive section of East Lake Island. Karen is looking for more support to increase the number of shifts of Mountain Men in that area. Please, join up as soon as possible.

In the rest of the Marina we have sporadic incidents, and I would urge everybody to be on the alert. We know, that in the months of November and December we always see an increase in criminal activity.
P van Heesch

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