After approximately 2 years of hard work and a number of set backs, the FEDS (Fishermans Quay, Eastlake Drive and Surrounds incl Tower Quay, Port Close, Starboard Close, First Section of Cannon Island, Teal Close, Mallard Close and Geneva Road) finally launched its security patrol service at the beginning of March.

Due to the number of entrance points, the high level of pedestrians as well as the positioning of a number of houses along Prince George Drive, this has generally been a high target area for criminal activity. In addition, with all the other security schemes in place in the Marina (FEDS being the 2nd last to launch), we were a soft target area.

We are very pleased to say however, that since the commencement of the Mountain Men Patrol services, the level of crime in the area has dropped dramatically. At this stage, (phase 1), we have a 5 night patrol service covering the area. With the introduction of the night patrols, we have seen some of the criminal activity moving to the day time. This was anticipated when we started the scheme.

The Mountain Men have suggested that we implement a neighbourhood watch to cover the 2 nights when there are no guards on duty as is happening in other sections of the Marina.

There is no set “recipe” to fighting crime in our area and the Mountain Men strategies and methods will alter depending on the crime patterns. It is for this reason that they use a combination of “highly visible” strategies and low key tracking methods. Part of our goal is to discourage the prostitutes from standing on the corners of the roads along Prince George Drive as they have also been acting as informants to the criminals.

As part of a proactive approach from residents, we have managed to discourage people from going through our bins on Monday mornings. Please do not put items which may be of use to others in your bin – please take these to the Link – they would be most greatful and will distribute these items to members of the community.

Please also ensure that bins are only put out on Monday mornings and not on Sunday evenings as this encourages additional people to walk through the neighbourhood on a Sunday night to go through the bins before the refuse removal services arrive on a Monday morning.

Some additional points noted when we walked around the neighbourhood:

There is very little lighting at the end of some of the small streets between Eastlake Drive and Prince George Drive. It has been suggested that residents install motion sensor lights from their homes facing the open areas.

Bushes on some of the corners need to be trimmed as they provide places for criminals to hide.

Please can residents ensure all bins are placed inside their properties – bins have been used by criminals to store items which are then often removed on Monday mornings. If bins are placed outside near walls, they can also be used by criminals to gain height and jump over walls on their escape route.

It is vital every incident in this area (even washing stolen from the line) is reported to SAPS, Marina da Gama office, Mountain Men and Karen. These can be recorded directly on the Mountain Men website – www.mountainmen.co.za click on incident report and complete the necessary information. This is the only way to track what is really happening. If we do not report incidents to the Police, the perception is that there is nothing happening and therefore additional policing is not necessary.

Phase 2 of the project will be the introduction of a 5 day coverage, which we are anticipating will commence at the beginning of June. At this stage we have 50 residents signed up of a possible 92. We do however need to increase that number to 65 in order to cover the costs of the additional guard. A very big thank you to everybody who has signed on and made this project possible.

At a cost of R140.00 per month we really believe that the benefits will out weigh the costs. We do believe that if this area is viewed as “safe” it will definitely have a positive affect on property prices in the area. Please can all owners who sign contracts with tenants, make the security plan part of the lease agreement, or if you are using an agent, ensure that the agent signs them up.

As we have said before if you still aren’t sure and have a “wait and see” approach - please join us, we need you to be part of the solution. The more people we have on board, the more guards we can afford - so we are depending on you to join us.

We have set up a security committee who meet with the Mountain Men on a regular basis so that we can have interactive feedback on what is happening in our area and the greater Muizenberg area. If you would like to join our meetings and make a positive contribution to the area, please contact Karen - details below.

Karen Cousins
17 Fishermans Quay
Marina da Gama
Tel: 021 788 4749
Cell: 083 288 4718
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