Security Report June 2012

The pattern of break-ins are very clear at the moment. The incidents happen during the day, they break the front door open with a crow bar and walk in. They are not scared of small dogs. In most of the houses where a burglary takes place, there is NO burglar alarm, it is not working or it was not activated. 

I urge everybody to support your local security scheme especially in San Marina, Marina Moorings and Park Island.

If the people living in these areas do not support their existing schemes they can not be extended. It is clear that San Marina and Moorings need a bicycle patrol 7 days 24 hours a day. In Park island at least one extra guard during the day is required.

People to contact are: For San Marina and Moorings heidi@mastermaths.co.za. For Park Island it is greig.meierhans@vodacom.co.za

The following warning was received on 11th July.

A white Toyota Camry with tinted window and three black males on board are doing the rounds forcing themselves into the houses through the front doors. The police in Muizenberg have been alerted. 
Paul Van Heesch 
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