Marina Da Gama Security Strategy


The security portfolio is a position on the Marina Da Gama Executive committee which has the following Duties and Responsibilities.

The portfolio holder is responsible for monitoring and recording incidents of crime in the Marina and the gathering of statistics to establish trends.

It is important that residents who have experienced these incidents report them either via their Street representative, or directly to Excom.

The Security representative, also attends meetings of other community organizations, including the local Police Forum, in order to pick up trends and help the work of crime prevention in the wider area.

He/she will also work with neighborhood representatives and with security service providers to co-ordinate efforts to devise proactive measures, and improve service delivery to reduce crime.

Residents’ complaints about poor service delivery from the security providers will also be taken up with the companies, and resolved in consultation with them.

Regular communication with residents to identify vulnerable areas, and devise suitable solutions to overcome the problems is a continuous part of these responsibilities.


To address the above the following strategy should be implemented

  1. Monitoring Crime A call center will be set up in the Marina Office and will be run as part of the associations service to the community and manned during marina office hours. After hours incidents can be reported via voice recording, via the internet or on pre printed forms which will be supplied with every news letter. It is the secretary’s duty to:
    1. Collate crime statistics in a Database format which will be provided (Exel)
    2. Track monthly incidents on a pin board for easy visual reference
    3. Provide reports to various organizations as instructed
    4. Be in a position to council and provide guidance to victims of crime should she be in the office when the calls are received. (We will provide a tick list to assist in this regard)

  2. Community Meetings Either I or a deputy will attend community police forums and will interact in terms of sharing of information. We will promote an atmosphere of co-operation and feed back any information which can assist Marina residents in their fight against crime.

  3. Communication with Neighborhood representatives As head of the security portfolio I will foster a strong working relationship between the various bodies that make up the area security schemes in our community. This will be done by holding monthly meetings between the entities to
    1. Provide feedback from community meetings as to the crime situation and trends in areas around us.
    2. Foster co-operation between schemes.
    3. Encourage other schemes to start up in areas that are unprotected.
    4. Assist existing and start up schemes.

  4. Residents Complaints Although these are often out of the hands of the Marina Association and are aimed at the service providers who have been contracted directly by the end customer, the association will log complaints through the secretary at the marina office during office hours.

  5. Communication with residents This will be a two way communication stream with residents. The residents interface is identified in points above and the lines of communication with the association are clear but we also need to provide constant feedback to our residents. A computer culpable of handling proper email communication with an ADSL line will be installed in the Marina office and weekly feedback will be provided to residents which pertain to security matters. Email groups (such as Exco members, Security bodies, General residents and Street reps) will also be set up to receive specific information which will be controlled by the marina secretary.
Richard Gie
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