There has been considerable activity with regard to the waterways since our last meeting.

This has consisted largely of complaints regarding the volume of weed present in the canals, and on the vlei. Some weed harvesting has been carried out, but very infrequently, due to the low water levels.

Cutting of the weed when the water levels are low would result in the weed being killed off completely. Were this to happen, the ecological consequences for the entire Marina area would be disastrous.

The sand bar was closed to increase water levels, and to facilitate various activities on the water, and to allow weed harvesting to continue.

I was contacted by a lady resident on Gelder Road, who complained of a milk like contamination in the water adjacent to her property, this had been present for a couple of days, and was apparently issuing from a culvert. A sample was taken from the water, the contaminant appeared to be emulsion (water based) paint, presumably caused by brushes being washed, and flushed into a drain connected to the culvert.

I examined several roadside drains in the vicinity, but found no trace.

This contamination dispersed quickly, and has not recurred.

During a day of torrential rain, on Sunday 19 July, the water levels rose to a level not seen since 1994. At my own property the level rose by about 1m.

Numerous phone calls were made, and eventually, during the evening the sand bar was re-opened by the council.

Prior to this, two gentleman were seen attacking the dam with shovels. I would like to meet these gentlemen, and shake their hands.

A very valid complaint has also been received from a lady regarding the amount of floating rubbish, and asks if it might be possible to get either the council, or volunteers from the Marina to address this problem, which exists in all parts of the Marina, my own dustbin frequently contains large amounts of this type of rubbish.

I will raise this question at the next Excom meeting.

John Ridley,
Collect a brochure detailing the issue around the management of the water levels from the Marina Office.
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