The water body and channels in and around Marina da Gama as of 2006 fall within the boundary of the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve. As such the areas are protected by the following legislation:

Western Cape Nature Conservation Ammendment Act, No 3 of 2000
Parks By law P.N. 192/2000 (Ammendment currently pending)
Cape Town Municipality control and use of vleis and boating thereon, P.N. 16/1980

According to these, the following apply:

P.N. 192/2000: (5) NO person is allowed to:
  • damage or deface any property, rock, tree or natural feature
  • light, use or cause a fire at a place other than one set aside by the council for making fires;
  • pick any flower or uproot, damage, destroy or remove any tree or plant or any portion thereof
  • interfere with, molest or disturb any animal, reptile, fish, bird or birds egg or nest or feed any animal, bird or reptile
  • throw or wilfully discharge, kick or roll any stone or object
  • pollute any water in any manner, dam, pump or alter any water in a water course, remove any soil or water
  • erect a booth, tent, swing or other structure (this includes making bicycle ramps in salt marshes)
P.N. 03/2000: (19) (21) No person is allowed to:
  • put up a vessel on the vlei to live in or on
  • discharge any litter, refuse, rubbish, bilge water or water containing fuel, oil, petrol, sewage etc into any vlei
  • put anything close to or into a vlei that could end up in the vlei including any solid, liquid or gas which could harm fish, fish food, animals or humans or that will increase the growth of noxotious aquatic weeds (this includes fertilizers)
  • release any fish (dead or alive) or any aquatic plants except in the instance of catch and release
  • catch any fish in Zandvlei except using a hook and line (all types of netting are illegal)
  • fish after dark using lights
  • remove prawns or shrimp (Zandvlei has signage at the mouth to indicate that this is illegal)
  • throw any stone or missile, deface any property, remove any soil or water, disturb or injure any wildlife
  • be in a drunken state, be offensive towards law enforcement or any officer of the City of Cape Town, refuse to leave once asked to do so
Any person who fails to comply with these Provincial Notices, fails or refuses to comply with a lawful instruction issued by an official of the City of Cape Town or who resists or hinders an officer in the execution of his duties is guilty of an offence.

Each of these offences holds an admission of guilt fine relevant or an appearance at court infront of a magistrate.

Parents and residents are kindly requested to ensure that their children are supervised around the vlei and their properties to ensure that they do not do any of these listed above.
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