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Introducing the Marina da Gama Support Card Initiative

the best way to assist our neighbours

One of the positives to emerge from the coronavirus crisis is the fantastic level of support that Marina Da Gama residents have shown towards our neighbours across the M5. Your efforts have been awesome!

Of course, the people we have been assisting since the crisis started will still need our support long after the lockdown is lifted. With their long-term well-being in mind, ExCom members have been working closely with respected partners from within the community to plan and launch an initiative that will give Marina residents the chance to make a sustainable, long-term difference to other people’s lives.

Our challenge was to comply with government directives on social distancing and avoid attracting large crowds through random hand-outs while offering help and dignity to those in need.

The solution we have come up with is the Marina da Gama Support card initiative.

First: why is the Marina da Gama Support card initiative a good idea?

This initiative allows you to donate as much as you can afford each month safe in the knowledge that your donation will go to people who really need it.

The initiative is co-administered and monitored by Siyakhula, a respected local NGO that has won the trust and support of the community for its grassroots work over many years.

The initiative has also won the backing of management at the Pick n Pay in Capricorn Square, which will help to run the initiative.

The initiative has also won the backing of management at the Pick n Pay in Capricorn Square, which will help to run the initiative.

Ultimately, the biggest beneficiaries are needy members of our neighbouring communities.

How does the Marina da Gama Support card work?

Using its detailed local knowledge and extensive database, Siyakhula suggests possible Marina da Gama Support card holders from the local community.

Based on individual need, the MDGA ExCom draws up a list of people who should receive a personalised Marina da Gama Support card, how much money will be loaded onto their card to spend at Pick n Pay and how often.

Siyakhula issues this list of selected recipients to Pick n Pay Capricorn. Note, however: holders can use their card at any Pick n Pay.

Every two weeks, MDGA ExCom will EFT funds donated by Marina da Gama residents directly to Pick n Pay Capricorn for an initial period of nine weeks. Depending on donations, we hope to extend this period.

Pick n Pay loads each card R200 and passes the loaded cards to Siyakhula.

Siyakhula distributes the personalised cards to each nominated card holder, who can then use the loaded card to buy necessities such as food, clothing, electricity/gas or sanitary products – the only purchases permitted under the rules of the initiative.

Siyakhula collects Pick n Pay till slips from card holders when they come to collect their food hampers and clothing donations to check they use only their cards to buy permitted items.

Your Questions Answered

How can I donate towards the initiative?

You can donate by EFT using the following bank details:

Account name: Marina Da Gama Association

Bank: Standard Bank

Account type: Current

Account number: 270075275

Branch number: 051001

Reference: Marina Support

You are welcome to make a one-off payment into this account. However, to help us plan ahead, you may consider paying a fixed recurring donation. We would suggest R200 every two weeks for nine weeks. Big or small, every contribution counts.

Who will monitor and administer the scheme?

MDGA and Siyakhula will jointly administer and monitor the scheme, reporting to the MDGA ExCom.

How can I be sure my money will be used correctly?

For your peace of mind, we have integrated accountability into the way we manage the initiative:

What can cardholders use their cards to buy?

Necessities such as food, clothing, gas/electricity and sanitary products - only.

Why did MDGA ExCom choose to partner with Siyakhula?

Siyakhula, which is based out of the Bay City Church in Capricorn Park, is well respected by the local community and embraces the numerous NGOs operating in Capricorn Village/Overcome Heights. As well as extensive experience and detailed local knowledge, it has a comprehensive database of needy individuals/families within our target area. Applicant information is confidential and does not depend on race, religion or citizenship. Siyakhula can access information about what government aid applicants already receive via child and SASSA contributions. Many potential cardholders already receive small bi-weekly food parcels from Siyakhula. Which means our cards would allow them to purchase other essential items.

What happens next?

As we launch and publicise this initiative, Pick n Pay Capricorn will also advertise our fund raising efforts in-store to attract potential donors. All publicity material and the cards will be branded as a Marina da Gama initiative so beneficiaries will recognise the efforts we are making on their behalf.

The initiative will start modestly as we grow our list of donors. Initially, we hope to sustain the initiative for around six months before assessing our next steps

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the initiative, please contact:

Richard Midgley on 083 318 0754.

Patrick McKenna on 072 130 8637