Report on Survey for Marina Residents conducted in December 2015

  1. Purpose of survey: Consultation: the opinions of marina residents will be relevant to the work of the MdGA and the strategic plan. In this way there is more participation in decision making. Community building – residents need to know that their views are important, and that Excom will act on suggestions.
  2. The survey was sent to 1100 households – people who have submitted their email address. There was a gratifying response: 493 responses.

Variables to be taken into account:


Each Portfolio will show a short summary of the findings and some interesting comments. You may click on the relevant link to see the survey questions and detailed responses to the multiple choice questions.

General Introduction:

The majority of people who responded were from Park Island and Eastlake Island where it seems that the average age group is over 60 years old! Naturally this indicated that there were not many young children in the household.

33% of respondents were from Uitsig, Marina Moorings and San Marina

57% of respondents live on the water and 42 % live off the water.

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Water quality32% respondents are not satisfied
35% neutral
28% satisfied
Litter in the waterwaysNumber of responses:
60% dissatisfied
16 % satisfied
Weed harvesting42% dissatisfied
25% satisfied
Water level management25% dissatisfied
36% Satisfied


Most people agree that the litter in the waterways is a huge problem. It is difficult to solve, but work is in progress. There was a suggestion that we have a ' pick up litter campaign '.

The weed harvesting problems are being addressed.

Comments: Some people mentioned that they would like to see the water maintained at quite a high level and a weir installed in Muizenberg. Water levels are controlled by a combination of the existing rubble weir and the sandbar at the mouth by the City Council, and have to take into account winter flooding, water salinity, revetment stability, recreation and fish migration. We will soon be publishing background information on water level management.

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Security in general Number of responses:
4% worse
47% better
Security in your section 64% good
16% poor


Most respondents, 88% felt that monetary contributions to the guards were unfair and many people did not pay. Many thought that contributions should be pro rata according to property value.

Gated Community: many respondents suggested that a gated community would add to our safety. Excom clarifies: The roads in the Marina are public roads, and the Council does not allow any obstruction of these, so the option of a gated community is not open to the Marina in general. The roads inside a gated community must be private and maintained by the owners thereof – Park Island Quay is a good example of this.

SRA (Special Ratings Area)34% yes

Comments from Excom : There have been numerous attempts to create an SRA. This is a complex issue that could be raised at the AGM

Single service provider61% good idea
12% bad idea


It would be good to have a single service provider, but we have tried with little success, as it is complicated. People like/ and have contracts with their own provider.

Improve securityneighbourhood watch 43%
more technology 55%


This useful information will be prioritised on Excom Agendas for meetings. The Neighbourhood Watch at Uitsig has been very successful and effective. Many people suggested that cameras be installed. This was tried some years ago and the cameras were stolen. It is worth looking at this good suggestion again, as the technology has improved>

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Open Spaces/ Parks and Gardens

Open Spaces/Parks and Gardens59% satisfactory
41% neglected in parts
Problem of dog excrement74 % of respondents complained
Participation in work 73% sorry too busy


The majority of respondents reported that the problem of owners not picking up dog poop is growing.

Suggestion: more notices should be displayed. Ask neighbours to adopt a garden.

Many people are not happy with the upkeep of the playground equipment. This will be discussed.

More benches are needed. Many extra benches have already been installed.

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Design Manual75% strict adherence
74% property values increase


A large majority of respondents think that adherence to the design manual is important to maintain property values and that legal action should be taken against defaulters/ derelict properties . Some people thought that the Design Manual needs up-dating. This issue will be researched

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Finances and annual subscriptions

Subscriptions: at present R330 per annumResponse :
37% subs remain the same
43% subs increase by 10 % pa
Payment of subsdefaulters to court: 45 %
not worth legal fees : 15%


A few people mentioned that some areas are favoured. Excom takes these comments seriously and explains that Park Island and Eastlake are areas that have been established for many years. These areas also have the largest amount of volunteers for the open spaces and gardens.

There was a wide variety of comments here: many people advocated a ' name and shame ' approach to non payment of subs. Other respondents were more compassionate and suggested an individualised approach. Some people said that the demand letters should be reworded. This will be done.

Priorities for expenditure Number of respondents:
security of the perimeter Prince George 64%
security Marina as whole 71% in favour
upkeep of entrances 41%
removal of litter from water 52%

Summary of comments about how to improve finances:

There were some useful ideas, such as becoming part of the City Improvement plan. Excom has noted these and will try to implement where possible.

This feedback will be prioritised for meetings.

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Street reps

Do you know who your rep is?yes 47%
no 53%

Street reps are very important for all residents in order to voice concerns and to receive information. The information that 53% of respondents do not know who their street rep is, means that we need to make a concerted effort in this direction. If the reps give permission we will print their names in the Marina News.

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Communication Portfolio

Marina News contentrelevant info 61%
nature 67%
profiles residents 56%
photos nature 70%
thought provoking articles 55%

You will see this useful information reflected in the next edition of the Marina News.

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Special Events

Events participationNumber of respondents:
Carols 54%
Father C. 20%
street parties 53 %
regattas 35%
art and craft exhibits 42%
charities 32 %

This reveals that many residents enjoy community events. It is important to note that the Shopping Centre and the restaurant Elaine's are valued gathering areas for residents.

EastLake Shopping Centre

East lake shopping Centre>
Shopping 91%
Events 67%
Awareness of Monthly markets yes 93%

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Building a sense of Community.

50% of respondents said that they are in favour of building a sense of community while respecting the wishes of those who wish to remain private.

Caring Committee

43% of respondents said that a caring committee would be a good idea. If someone is temporarily ill, volunteers could offer to run small errands. There will be more information of this on the Notice Board. It was suggested that the Street Reps Portfolio organise this.


50 % of respondents indicated that they have only a little knowledge of our constitution.

41% are familiar with the Constitution. We are in the process of improving the Constitution and making it more up to date.

Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve

Zandvlei Estuary Nature ReserveAwareness 88%
50% of respondents said that they participate

A large majority reported that they are aware and value the fact that we live in a Nature Reserve. Many people participate in the upkeep of Zandvlei.

Our Neighbours


51% of respondents indicated that they would like to help in some way in Vrygrond, but need more information. Many people are already helping. A meeting for volunteers could be advertised on the Notice Board. There were many positive ideas on this topic which could be implemented. Anyone who would like to help organise this could leave their name at the office.

Park Island

Park Island Friends of Park Island 52 %
Zandvlei Trust 50%
visit infrequently 48%

Park Island is perceived to be an integral part of Marina da Gama and is valued by the majority of residents.


The purpose of the above extrapolation is to give a quick overview of the important issues that ExCom is dealing with. Readers are encouraged to click on the links to be well informed. ExCom received many compliments which outweighed the complaints!