Graham Barratt takes over Standards portfolio

We are pleased to introduce Graham Barratt, who has taken over the MDGA ExCom’s Standards portfolio.

Among other responsibilities, his new role includes:

· Working with ExCom’s Architecture Committee (Archcom) and our Standards inspector, Robbie Johnston, to ensures that all new buildings and building alterations conform to the MDGA’s building design regulations and constitution

· Assisting the Standards inspector in noting and taking remedial action where transgressions occur, and in encouraging residents to maintain their properties to an acceptable standard

· Working with residents and endeavouring to resolve any disputes.

Graham is certainly well qualified to take on the Standards portfolio. He has been involved with over 300 building projects of all sizes during his career and is a past member of the Rondebosch Ratepayers’ Association ExCom. A quantity surveyor by profession, he runs his practice, Barratt & Boyes Quantity Surveyors, from home. He is a born Capetonian, raised in the southern suburbs and educated at Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory and High Schools and at the University of Cape Town.

Graham and his wife, Cheryl, have lived in the Marina for the last 16 years and enjoy the area’s relatively safe and laid-back life style. They have three children and five grand-children, all resident in the southern suburbs.

He looks forward to engaging with residents, and will be encouraging property maintenance as a way to improve the environment while also maintaining and raising property prices to the benefit of all residents.

Elections: apply for your special vote now

The Electoral Commission encourages South Africans to apply for special votes. Voters who will not be able to cast their votes on 1 November 2021 at their voting station and those voters who are not able to travel to the voting stations because of physical infirmity or disability can vote by special vote on the two days preceding Election Day.

Applications for special votes opened on September 20 and will close on 04 October 2021 at 17h00.
Eligible voters, who are unable to travel to the voting station and have successfully applied for a special vote will be visited at their places of residence or confinement on 30 or 31 October 2021.

Sy Mamabolo, the Chief Electoral Officer encouraged eligible voters who cannot travel to their voting stations or those who will be away from their voting districts on election day to apply for a special vote. “Everyone’s vote counts.

If you’re a registered voter and you cannot vote at your voting station on Election Day, you can apply and if approved vote by special vote”. Mamabolo said.

He appealed to those who would be on duty on Election Day – November 01 – such as police officers, nurses, doctors and members of the media – to apply for special votes. If approved, this category of voters will cast their ballots at their voting station of registration on 30 or 31 October 2021.

Requirements for special vote are:

To qualify for a special vote, a person must be registered as a voter, they must apply by the cut-off date and time which is 04 October 2021 at 17h00. On the day of special votes approved voters must present a green bar-coded Identity Book, a smart Identity Card or a valid temporary identity certificate.

Registered voters may apply for a special vote if they:

1. Are unable to vote on voting day in the voting district at the voting station where registered to vote (voting station special vote); and

2. Are unable to travel to their voting station where registered to vote owing to physical infirmity or disability (home visit special vote).

Methods of special vote applications

Voting Station Special Votes:

1. Voters may apply online

2. Apply via SMS – send voter ID number to 32249

3. Apply in person or by causing an application, appendix 25 form, to be hand delivered to the Municipal Electoral Office.

Home visit Special Votes:

1. Voters may apply online

2. Apply in person or by causing an application, appendix 25 form, to be hand delivered to the Municipal Electoral Office.

Once the Electoral Commission has received and considered a special vote application, a voter will be notified by SMS about the status of their special vote application.

To check the status of your special vote application, send your ID number by SMS to 32711 or visit

Issued by: Independent Electoral Commission

Minutes and portfolio reports (Sep 2021)


1) Welcome and apologies – Welcome to Graham Barratt – taking on the Standards Portfolio to submit short Bio and photo to publish for members
a) Present – Patrick Mc Kenna, Paul Higgins, Richard Midgley, Lise Carswell, Nick Bode, Graham Barratt and Tharwah Davids
b) Apologies – Peter Allen still recovering
2) Unanimous Approval of Minutes of 10th August

3) Portfolio reports
3.1 Treasurer Bank Balances
3.2 Communications
3.3 Waterways
3.4 Events
3.5 Archcom
3.6 Standards
3.7 Environmental
3.8 Parks and Gardens
3.9 Security
3.10 Long-term projects
3.11 General

2 | Page
MDGA Exco Minutes 14 th September 2021 17 September 2021 Matters Arising
A) Resident Communications – Extensive resident communication regarding outstanding Subscription payments. Exco is determined to clear long outstanding’s – over R1350 (prior years and 2020 and 2021) and to this end whilst being a caring body – it is unfair for other residents having to subsidise non-paying residents, and thus we are actively targeting these delinquents. We have in last month made useful progress and anticipate further significant resolutions in September.
B) Waterways still closed – and we are awaiting further results. Nick raised a few issues. Residents are again advised that the first 2 m of waterways is their responsibility to clear. With very high nutritional load in the water, we are expecting a high volume of Ulva intestinalis – a type of stringy algae – so the clearing is even more important. The City has massively improved their sewerage leak detection and there are currently no leaks BUT waterways are still closed for all activities. – Pond Weed needs clear water and oxygen to flourish – so not ideal conditions for it.
Nick has many suggestions to assist with the maintaining of the waterways – regarding aerators and or pumps to oxygenate waterways and improve circulation, and is to present a rough costed proposal to Exco, for Exco to evaluate and determine – whether it is feasible for MDGA to fund possibly through Special Resolution, or via private donors or crowd funding donations. Any specialised residents willing to assist with solutions please contact MDGA Office to offer assistance.
C) Communications – Patrick is going to do an evaluation on the revenue stream as well as content generation and submit proposals
D) Budgets – RM will be providing Exco with revised budgets – – Tharwah, Janet and Richard will be meeting Auditor early next week – to get advice on – Cash flow model, when depreciation of cameras should be charged to P&L vs Ringfence in Balance Sheet, and better understanding on Bad Debt and revenue.
E) Security – Cameras are installed – but a high point signal communication problem should be resolved in the next week
F) The Marina Da Gama Association Christmas Carols – Lise authorised to employ capable person to handle The Marina Da Gama Association Father Christmas and Kiddies Christmas Party. Both these events are recognised Marina Da Gama Association events and planning is starting now for these 2 annual events. Suggestions and volunteers are welcome.

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MDGA Exco Minutes 14 th September 2021 17 September 2021
G) July Profit and Loss and budget to be published on web page
H) Minutes, Financials (August) and Agenda for September to be published on web page
General – concept of Island Based “food festival” will be explored by Nick – each island having different theme – utilising Public Open Spaces for residents to gather and move on foot from island to island. Possible food truck concept – Nick to advise Exco of what he would require to realise.
Patrick and Tharwah – to look into “music in the park” on Eastlake Island Drive public open space – as a kick off to lockdown relaxation.
Graham mentioned in the earlier years – around 2006/ and onwards – a regular get together in the Eastlake shopping centre – with big half drum fires and fancy dressing – to create cohesive Marina spirit – suggestions welcome.

Meeting finished at 19h08

  1. Date of next meeting – 12 th October 2021 at 18h00

PORTFOLIO REPORTS – 14 September 2021

Treasurer – bank balances: 1

Security: 1

Communications: 1

Parks and Maintenance: 1-2

Archcom: 2

Standards: 2

Treasurer, Compliance & Legal: 2

Waterways: 2


Bank Balances: as at 10/09/2021

Cheque A/c: R59,275.54

Archcom A/c: R331,859.40

Money Market A/c:R775,968.53

Total: R1,167,103.47

Monthly Crime Stats

UitsigOudevlei RdMDTP14.08.2122h00Friends slashed car tyres after visiting
UitsigShearwaterATT HB26.08.21During the daySomeone tried to force open windows in front and
at back


We have completed the website refresh but still need to include Graham Barrett’s profile.

Looking ahead, we will ramp up our efforts to sell more advertising with Janine Avery’s support.

Meanwhile, we continue refine our production and publishing processes.


Large load of compost purchased at a discount and transported by Peter Alen. This is use across the Marina open spaces where our garden reps ad gardeners are doing maintenance and creating new garden beds.


Archcom meeting was held on 09 September 2021 attended by Gordon Hart and me.

Five new plans were submitted, and four plans were approved. One submission needed some clarification or minor changes before our consent will be given. One sketch plan was approved.

No objection to one departure was dealt with.


Resolved incidents – 5

New infringements 10

Edit – 1

Treasurer, Compliance and Legal – THARWAH DAVIDS

– consideration of the financials

– meeting with Janet regarding the income accounts

– will be meeting with auditors to discuss the preparation of the cash flow statement etc during September.


Waterways  Portfolio Report

Sadly we are now at over 100 days and the water quality has improved but not enough to open the vlei for recreational use. It’s still early summer and already numerous reports and complaints are coming in regarding the algae growth. We will be seeing more growth of pondweed/ algae this summer season due to the extremely high nutrients that have come with all the sewage spills.

Please do your part and remember you are personally responsible to clear and remove the weed and algae for the first 2m of your property.

How to find and fix leaks on your property




How to find and fix leaks on your property to avoid excessive usage and warning letters

Knowing how to find and fix leaks on your property will help prevent wastage, and avoid receiving notice/warning letters for excessive usage.  This is particularly important for registered indigent households, especially property owners with tenants or backyarders. With the new Council-approved domestic metering approach, registered indigent households need to ensure they use less than 15 000 litres per month to avoid restriction. Read more below:

Did you know: One leaking toilet can waste between 2 600 and 13 000 litres of water per month, depending on the flow rate of the leak. A leaking tap can waste between 400 and 2 600 litres of water per month. 

Residents of Cape Town are reminded that, in terms of the City of Cape Town Water By-law, the property owner is required to ensure water is not allowed to run to waste on their properties. Many residents are not aware that undetected or underground leaks on their plumbing could be adding significantly to their water bills, and wasting precious water. These kinds of minor undetected leaks are much more common than most people would imagine.

Equipping residents with tips on how to find and fix leaks is important, particularly for registered indigent households who need to make sure their water use remains below the extended usage limit of 15 000 litres each month. This amounts to an average of 500 litres per day for the total household. This is the new approved usage limit for indigent residents, as part of a new approach to domestic water meteringShould indigent households exceed this limit for three consecutive months, despite warnings, a flow restricting disk will be inserted on their meter. This will limit water supply to 6 000 litres per month for a period of 12 months.

Residents can see the City’s useful guides on how to save water and use grey water safely at

More information about the new domestic metering approach and tips on knowing how to read your water meter to avoid surprise billing is available here:

Steps to check for leaks on the property: ·      Step 1:  Stop all water use.  Close all the taps on the property and do not flush the toilet. ·      Step 2:  Check and record the water meter reading. ·      Step 3:  Wait for at least 15 minutes and take another reading.  Make sure that nobody has opened a tap or flushed the toilet since the meter reading was taken. ·      Step 4:  If there is a difference, then the leak will have to be fixed. If the number on the meter has increased, then it means that a leak has been detected and fast action will need to be taken. ·      Step 5:  Unless it is a simple DIY job, residents are encouraged to call a plumber to fix the leak. Three simple tests to detect a toilet leak: ·      Listen for the water trickling into the toilet bowl. ·      Press a piece of toilet paper against the inside back surface of the bowl.  If it gets wet, you probably have a leak. ·      Put 15 drops of food colouring into the toilet cistern. If after 15 minutes the water in the toilet bowl has changed colour, then there is a leak.  If you cannot afford to call a plumber to fix a serious toilet problem, use the little stopcock/angle valve tap at the base of the toilet to keep it turned off between flushes.

Subsidising residents who are economically vulnerable and marginalised remains a priority, and the City will continue to provide relief in the form of water allocations at no charge to registered indigent persons, comprising approximately 40% of households in the metro. The City’s indigent support water allocation is the largest in the country.

Insofar as there is capacity to do so, the City will assist with leak fixing for households who have not received this assistance previously.

Logging service requests

Residents are encouraged to report burst pipes or leaks in streets and public spaces by using one of the following options (Please provide the street address, and get a reference number): 

·       Online

·       Email

·       SMS 31373 (maximum 160 characters. Standard rates apply)

·       Call 0860 103 089

A tribute to Paul West – a musical Marina legend

So many Marina residents will have great memories of Paul West, spanning so many years. He has spent a wealth of hours and years contributing to make the Marina a safe and beautiful place that we are all privileged to call home.

He headed up the Security Portfolio for countless years and worked closely and diligently with all the Street Reps to inspire working together as a community and to promote security awareness and initiatives that could be adapted to various areas according to the needs. Identifying weak areas and encouraging residents to participate, he literally walked door to door and got to know almost everyone in the Marina.

He was the maestro each year to lead the throngs of Marina residents at the Annual Christmas Carol Event. Paul ensured that the Christmas Carol event was non-denominational but conveyed the true spirit of Christmas at the same time. Every person was welcomed. They came from far and wide, brought in friends and families, arrived on foot or by
car, so many boats too numerous to count – but the event was not to be missed and Paul delivered with his talented musicians.

Always a memorable event that is held each year, Paul was there to haul the equipment to the site, set up and do sound checks, and helped to string up lighting and ropes for moorings. He never failed us in any way. He also often assisted to clean up the area before the event and after as well, with never a murmur of discontent.

It was Paul’s expertise that assisted ExCom with the purchase of sound equipment that is used at all events as needed. This greatly reduced the need to keep spending funds on hiring costs.

Paul also played a pivotal role in helping our neighbours across the street, spending countless hours to get all and sundry involved with events and donations.

Not one to shy away from hard work, he was often seen dragging hoses around the Marina and public open spaces to assist with watering and helping to keep our surrounds neat, clean, and watered.

Now a mighty tree has fallen. His legacy will live in the Marina forever. The Annual Marina Christmas Carols should forever hold a minute’s silence just before the signature song of the 12 Days of Christmas, written and adapted by Paul himself. I know events, where so many children are present, is difficult to wish for a silent moment but perhaps the musicians in attendance could do a special word of remembrance just before the launch of Paul’s song. It is certainly loved each year and delivered with great gusto and merriment!

Paul West was a firm believer and lived his life by example. I am sure that his soul is happy in his final resting place. We are convinced that he is fine-tuning a harp right now! Let the calypso play on!

Rest In Eternal Peace, dearest Paul West.

Contributions by Bob Craske and Elaine Meyer