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Dr Wendy Staak: Holistic Health and Wellness

Holistic health practitioner

Wendy Staak is a health practitioner registered with the AHPSA. She is able to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions, whether acute or chronic. Treatment is holistic and consists of lifestyle advice, treatment with herbal teas, tinctures, capsules as well as assessing and treating mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Therapies include dry and wet cupping and heat therapy which involves the use of an infrared sauna thereby aiding detoxification, among other health benefits.


Professional life and business coaching

Eastlake Island based UpShiftEntrepeneur offers online business training for new or growing businesses to gain insight and mastery over the key areas involved to help you to achieve the levels of success you require. The company offers coaching support services one-to-one (in person or via the internet). In addition, professional life coaching is also offered by Susan who has an internationally recognised Masters's qualification in life and business coaching and many years of experience.

Flow DNA

Performing arts products and training

Flow DNA was established to develop the flow of the arts and circus performance industries in South Africa. The company sells performance props, and toys that inspire the development of physical and mental dexterity, for people of all ages. Duncan Greenwood of Flow DNA also teaches performance arts, offers freelance videography and video editing, as well as post-production, including music, audio editing, visual effects, and animation, and teaches the above media skills, as well as basic programming for digital tools development.

Childrens House

Montessori educational materials

Marina based Childrens House are suppliers of educational and Montessori materials in Africa. Childrens House is passionate about providing children with the best materials to support their development needs. Their products are designed, manufactured, and supplied to the highest quality, and undergo different quality assurance checks before leaving their premises. If you require information, Montessori Specialists are on hand to assist you and to answer your queries, and can provide you with training requirements to meet your budget when it comes to setting up your first Montessori school.

Advanced Conflict Training

Security services and training

Based in the Marina, ACT Personal Safety's services extend from personal safety training through to the creation of policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines to help secure your business from the inside out. ACT also offers quality assurance management and consulting services to security estates, malls, schools, and businesses to guide and oversee the installation, implementation, operation, and maintenance of integrated security service systems.

Edukids Educare


Theresa Wilson owns Edukids Educare. The company provides Educare, offering a happy and nurturing environment for children aged 2 to 5 years of age.

Knight’s Baby Training

Baby and adult toilet technology and training

Zoe Durbach is the owener of Knight's Baby Training. The company offers Baby Throne toilet training for babies and toddlers and Grand Throne assistive technology in the bathroom suitable for adults.

Monica Hurn Counselling

Qualified Counsellor

Monica Hurn is a qualified Specialist Wellness Counsellor (ASCHP No. SWC20/777). Monica provides emotional support to those experiencing difficult life changes, offering insight, care and guidance to empower individuals, facilitate behaviour change, improve relationships, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Pro Moni’s Educational Games

Educational Materials

Monika Schnaitter from Park Island owns Pro Moni's Educational Games and Toys. Pro Moni's is a dedicated distributor of educational materials and corporate promotional items.

Angela Morton Counsellor Doula

Life coach, counsellor and doula

Anglea lives in Uitsig. She is a life coach, counsellor, hypnotherapist, and doula (birth coach) offering her services from Foundations for Life in Plumstead as well as online. Angela specialises in working with women who are feeling stuck or challenged by their life circumstances and need help in shifting forward.