Marketing & Creative

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Media Village Productions

Film services

Marina da Gama resident Graham Vermooten owns Media Village Productions. Media Village Productions provides film, documentary, advert, and visual production services for any company needing their story told.

Elephant’s Eye Video Productions

Digital film formatting

Are you not able to view your personal videos stored on tape? Transfer them to digital media. Since 1991, elephant’s eye video has reliably and professionally helped many people relive important personal and family events.

Flow DNA

Performing arts products and training

Flow DNA was established to develop the flow of the arts and circus performance industries in South Africa. The company sells performance props, and toys that inspire the development of physical and mental dexterity, for people of all ages. Duncan Greenwood of Flow DNA also teaches performance arts, offers freelance videography and video editing, as well as post-production, including music, audio editing, visual effects, and animation, and teaches the above media skills, as well as basic programming for digital tools development.

Process Art Facilitation

Reflective art sessions

Lee Smit-Gardner offers individual or small group facilitated process art sessions. This is a gentle, facilitated, and non-judgemental process that uses very specific art media to allow the opportunity for the subconscious thoughts and feelings to become visible for you so that you can reflect on them. No artistic ability is required and although the art techniques worked with do improve artistic skill, the processing through art is the focus rather than the product. Courses run for 12 sessions.

Communication Coaching

Content writing and communication

Elsabe Pepler, situated in Park Island Way, is an academic (doctor, Ph.D.), specialising in content writing and communication coaching. To communicate well, makes your entire life better. Less misunderstandings, more self-confidence, more quality relationships, fewer conflicts. She also does writing and editing of dissertations, books, and articles, and offers writing classes for everyone who wants to write a story or book, but does not know where to start. She can also whip up snazzy content for any website and blog or research report.

Fresh Eyes

Copywriting and airbnb inspections

Carrie Hampton offers freelance copywriting services for any business, but especially travel and tourism. This includes copywriting for websites, blogs, social media posts, articles, brochures, and books. Carrie Hampton also owns Fresh Eyes Airbnb inspection. Get the edge over other Airbnb’s thorough a room-by-room inspection of guest accommodation, making it the best it can be, and encouraging great reviews from guests, leading to more business. Carrie, the founder of Fresh Eyes Inspection lives in the Marina and offers a discount to Marina Airbnb owners.

Franci Henny Art

Custom artwork

Franci Henry specialises in original art. Looking for a unique painting? Living in this beautiful environment is reflected in Franci's artwork.

Drawn to Words

Design and writing services

Ruth Lund runs Drawn to Words offering graphic design, copy-editing, proofreading, and transcription services. The company specialises in artwork and written content for adverts, websites, blogs, e-newsletters, Facebook posts, Whatsapp flyers, and newspaper articles. They also offer editing and transcription services.

Pro Exec

Promotional gifts and events

Renee Marais is the owner of Pro Exec which specialises in promotional clothing, gifts, and events. Pro Exec offers many different options for branding a product while also organising corporate events or private functions, from conferences to golf days or even product launches.

5 Star Stories

Digital marketing services

Marina residents, Janine and Ryan Avery, own 5 Star Stories. 5 Star Stories offers cross-platform digital marketing services, inclusive of social media management and content marketing, for any brand with luxury lifestyle and travel brands being their specialty. 5 Star Stories offers a personalised service that is tailored to the specific needs and budget of your brand.

David Rogers Photographic

Fine art and professional photography

David Rogers, a Marina resident, offers commercial photography and video, drone photography, and fine art printing. David Rogers has been writing and taking photographs in Southern and East Africa for 30 years. He has more than 12 books to his credit including those on landscapes, game reserves wildlife, and safari lodges. He also offers workshops in Cape Town.