Post your letters to Santa Claus this Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to Marina da Gama very soon, so please be sure to post him your letters by 10 December 2021 using our dedicated Santa Claus post-box.

Parents, here’s how it works:


All letters must include each child’s full name and your return address so Santa Claus can send a reply. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to reply to letters that do not arrive with a return address. You can use this opportunity to send your requested gift to Santa Claus so that he can hand it out it at the Marina Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday 18 December 2021. (Please save the date!) Take note: parents must supply all gifts.

You will find the Santa Claus post-box at the Kid-Trepreneurial Market, which will take place at the San Marina Clubhouse, 8 Cormorant Avenue, Uitsig Peninsula, Marina da Gama, on Saturday 20 November 2021 from 9am to 1pm. From Sunday 21 November 2021 until deadline day on Friday 10 December 2021, the Santa Claus post-box will be at the Deep Blue Security guard hut in Oudevlei Road, Uitsig Peninsula, Marina da Gama.

All letters will be answered by 15 December 2021. To help Santa Claus meet this deadline, and to ensure he doesn’t leave too much of a carbon footprint on his visit, we regret that this initiative is limited to Marina da Gama residents for now. 

We’ve included some photos of Santa’s post-box just to make sure you don’t miss it. If you have any questions, please call Valerie Benson on 082 475 6187.

A tribute to Paul West – a musical Marina legend

So many Marina residents will have great memories of Paul West, spanning so many years. He has spent a wealth of hours and years contributing to make the Marina a safe and beautiful place that we are all privileged to call home.

He headed up the Security Portfolio for countless years and worked closely and diligently with all the Street Reps to inspire working together as a community and to promote security awareness and initiatives that could be adapted to various areas according to the needs. Identifying weak areas and encouraging residents to participate, he literally walked door to door and got to know almost everyone in the Marina.

He was the maestro each year to lead the throngs of Marina residents at the Annual Christmas Carol Event. Paul ensured that the Christmas Carol event was non-denominational but conveyed the true spirit of Christmas at the same time. Every person was welcomed. They came from far and wide, brought in friends and families, arrived on foot or by
car, so many boats too numerous to count – but the event was not to be missed and Paul delivered with his talented musicians.

Always a memorable event that is held each year, Paul was there to haul the equipment to the site, set up and do sound checks, and helped to string up lighting and ropes for moorings. He never failed us in any way. He also often assisted to clean up the area before the event and after as well, with never a murmur of discontent.

It was Paul’s expertise that assisted ExCom with the purchase of sound equipment that is used at all events as needed. This greatly reduced the need to keep spending funds on hiring costs.

Paul also played a pivotal role in helping our neighbours across the street, spending countless hours to get all and sundry involved with events and donations.

Not one to shy away from hard work, he was often seen dragging hoses around the Marina and public open spaces to assist with watering and helping to keep our surrounds neat, clean, and watered.

Now a mighty tree has fallen. His legacy will live in the Marina forever. The Annual Marina Christmas Carols should forever hold a minute’s silence just before the signature song of the 12 Days of Christmas, written and adapted by Paul himself. I know events, where so many children are present, is difficult to wish for a silent moment but perhaps the musicians in attendance could do a special word of remembrance just before the launch of Paul’s song. It is certainly loved each year and delivered with great gusto and merriment!

Paul West was a firm believer and lived his life by example. I am sure that his soul is happy in his final resting place. We are convinced that he is fine-tuning a harp right now! Let the calypso play on!

Rest In Eternal Peace, dearest Paul West.

Contributions by Bob Craske and Elaine Meyer