Boundary wall painted on time and under budget

Hopefully, other Marina residents share our pride in our newly repainted wall along Prince George Drive.

The job was completed in record time and came in under the R200,000 budget agreed by MDGA members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) back in 2019. A truly remarkable achievement!

We are particularly proud that the painting was finished in just over a fortnight by two SMMEs and a social enterprise. The painting squad included a significant number of tradespeople who line the wall every morning hoping to find work. In total, we were able to offer employment to around 25 people on wages that we agreed with the contractors. This eliminated the risk of anyone being exploited.

The headline figures are as follows:
• Contractors and supervisor R122,000
• Paints and associated materials R58,000
• Other costs (including toilets etc.) R17,000

There will be some adjustments to these figures and we expect the total to be closer to R190,000.

Meanwhile, we would like to extend our thanks to our contractors and their staff as well as our Standards officer, Robbie Johnston, Alan Hepple, who provided valuable advice on paints, and our project supervisor, John Lubbe. Without their hard work and selfless commitment, this project would not have happened.

As a footnote to this update, we would like to add that the project was started by our ExCom colleague and friend, Digby Colman, who sadly passed away on 2 March 2021 from complications linked to the COVID-19 virus. We would like to dedicate this success story to his memory.